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The Great Alone
Powerful and beautifully filmed

This documentary inspired me and touched me deeply. About the only thing I have in common with Iditarod racers is that I love dogs. After watching this true story about Lance Mackey I have become a fan not only of Lance but of Iditarod. Something about Lance's humble and genuine nature and the struggles he has endured moved me to my core. Iditarod, it turns out, is about much more than racing dogs over 1000 miles. It is about overcoming a grueling environment and personal demons, it is about beauty and it is about the deep bond between man and man's best friend. I watched it 5 times.

Mr. Holmes
Enjoyable 90 minutes

We really enjoyed this movie. Great acting, great story. The description of the movie is not entirely correct as it makes it sounds like Mr Holmes is revisiting an old case but it isn't really like that. There are great personalities and relationships. I watched this with my husband and we both enjoyed it.

Fairly entertaining film

Pretty entertaining, accurate for the most part, but there are a few discrepancies where Science is concerned. Matthew McConaughey is classic, Anne Hathaway can be a bit annoying.

Who Took Johnny
Search for Johnny Gosch... the boy from the milk cartons missing picture

I heard about this case years ago in a true crime book (I think by J. Walsh). I recently was reminded as I heard a Coast to Coast show with the host from Darkness Radio interviewing the filmmakers and Noreen Gosch. It was a really interesting show. I told my Wife about it and then we stumbled onto the film here on Amazon Prime and decided to watch it.<br /><br />First off my heart and Prayers go out to the Gosch Family especially Noreen Gosch who is exceptionally tough and brave for her Son even after all these years. Unfortunately the film wasn't what I expected. I was hoping for more details on the crime and an even more extensive timeline of events. The editing seemed rushed, and a lot of focus was spent on a potential suspect rather than on current state of the investigation.<br /><br />I was left wondering about many things after watching the film. Mainly the whereabouts of Johnny Gosch of course, but also about details in the criminal investigations. Is it still ongoing or not? Frankly, I got more info out of the Coast to Coast show and even then the host was trying to leave out details so folks would watch the film.<br /><br />I think the main benefit of the film is that it does keep this case in the collective conscience of folks who grew up in the 80's when this happened which is very important to prevent future crime. Also, casting a spot light on the original investigators and their shortcomings is vital to teach all those involved the importance of a missing child report.... how seconds count in the beginning phase of a missing subject.<br /><br />I read a lot of true crime, and watch many forensic shows so possibly I was expecting more detail. However, the film just didn't live up to expectations. I appreciate the fact that the filmmakers are promoting awareness, which is why I gave a 3 star review as honestly I had to resist a lower score.

Terminator: Genisys
Probably the best of all the previous movies in the Terminator series

Probably the best of all the previous movies in the Terminator series. All of the Arnold Schwarzenegger's were surprisingly good, as well as was the storyline. If/when you see this movie, you will know what I mean by "all of the Arnold Schwarzenegger's." In addition, the action was outstanding and looked great on my 4K Samsung 65 inch KS9500 TV.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
PA Johnson
Heartbreaking and a reality check

Heartbreaking and a reality check. This movie caused me to research this incident in Benghazi from several perspectives. My personal conclusion left me with the question when does the United States become too involved in world affairs. Where is the balance of keeping the United States healthy as a country, jobs, roads, security, etc... versus policing the world. When do we come to understand that as a country, who is 240 years old, we need to allow countries that have fought for 2000 years to work out their own problems, while accepting their right to govern his or her country as they choose.

the red barron
I'm not sure what avant guard angle the producers were ...

I'm not sure what avant guard angle the producers were going for, but I missed it. Thought I was picking an action thriller. I was tense the whole time, but more from frustration and not understanding. Please enlighten me.

Miracles From Heaven
I already knew there was a happy ending, but it was still very emotional and ...

OMG! This movie made me cry the entire time. I already knew there was a happy ending, but it was still very emotional and a tear jerker none the less! Don't watch unless you have lots of tissues handy.

Poverty, Inc.
Marmot Ridge
Quick, hit-and-run compassion, maybe much more damaging than we know

All is not good in the world and especially in the world where the west is supposedly lifting, supporting and helping the "3rd world" folks. As Poverty Inc. repeats often the west started out with good and compassionate intentions, to give and help the very, very destitute in Haiti, Africa and elsewhere. Yet destitution persists.<br /><br />Why?<br /><br />Maybe we in the west are doing things for ourselves, to salve our conscience or to do something quick and move on. The real reason destitution persists is that dumping worldly goods on others does not solve their long-term issue that the systems in their own countries persist in keeping the foot on their necks.<br /><br />I remember reading that to start an effective system for the people would be to have laws to support surveyors laying out the property for the people so that clear title descends on the property that folks have occupied and used for years. However, they would never invest in that property because as soon as it has some value, the murky title means they could lose it. They just cannot see the future without clear title.<br /><br />Of course, some would sell their property immediately. However, they could work for their neighbor who would be developing his owned assets into useful business and commerce. All boats would rise.<br /><br />Poverty Inc. alludes to this sort of justice.<br /><br />The case study of the church sending chickens that were sold too cheaply, running the local farmer out of business, then stopping and now no one has chickens is clearly where the wrong approach of parachuting goods in from the west is a poor long-term solution.<br /><br />Very good movie.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
Great movie

Wonderful! Read all the books and didn't want to really see movies because I couldn't imagine the movie being able to put in the details that were in book. Well I was wrong. The movie was exactly as book was written and the details were amazing

Hot Pursuit
Fun, but thrown-together Caribbean comedy with a young John Cusack

Released to 1987, “Hot Pursuit” is a youth misadventure/comedy starring John Cusack as a teen who is unable to go to the Caribbean with his girlfriend (Wendy Gazelle) & her family, but follows shortly thereafter, which leads to a string of misadventures. A youthful Ben Stiller and his dad are on hand as possible shady characters. Shelley Fabares plays the girlfriend’s mother while Keith David plays an easy-going island dude.<br /><br />This is a likable teen comedy, but it seems thrown together. For instance, the protagonist’s run-in with a trio of black islanders comes out of nowhere and leaves just as awkwardly with no tie-in to the main story. Still, if you like the cast and are in the mood for a teen comedy/island adventure it’s worth checking out.<br /><br />For anyone who cares, the “island” sequences were all shot at Ixtapa, Guerrero, on the west coast of Mexico. So it’s not even close to the Caribbean, but it’s a passable substitute. The movie runs 93.<br /><br />GRADE: C

Saving Private Ryan
Phil Historian
The best World War II movie

I am absolutely crazy about World War II, especially the Western European theatre. I have a particular interest in D-Day and the Normandy Campaign, and so Saving Private Ryan appealed to me. The first 20 minutes depicting the Omaha Beach landings were among the most graphic and intense pieces of film I have ever seen. I enjoyed the rest of the movie, although there was only one major battle scene after the D-Day clip.<br />I wish this film had shown more from the German point of view, but few World War II movies do.

American Ultra
ultra-good film

First off, there's great chemistry between Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart... undeniable.. and some of their character's dialog is laugh-out-loud funny to me. It's like watching friends together. I luved this movie. Not a boring moment.. and it has some of The-Best thought out action scenes I've ever scene in my life.. will never look at a frying pan the same again.

Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise
Good Story. Not as intense as most but then ...

Good Story. Not as intense as most but then this character is tied to other stories. My first J. S. not a brand but a story. Might try others.

Pele: Birth of a Legend
Great sports movie the whole family can enjoy!

Love, love loved this movie. It is so hard to find a movie you can watch with kids and grandparents alike. This movie has no profanity, voilence or sex AND the story is inspirational. The movie has a great buildup. Even though we knew the ending before watching it (knowing Pele's history), we couldn't helped but be swepted away.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
Sanghamitra Chowdhury
Fun and excitement that whisks you away, hanging on to a plane door

Fun to watch. Hilarious lines, too - "Wrong door!" The villain is sinister in a Voldemort kind of way. The cast especially Benji, the female agent, Jeremy Renner and Alec Baldwin have strong performances.

The Champions
G. Teslovich
Not Quite the Truth

They were called Fatheads for a reason in this film; a euphemism for the crushing power of their large head and neck muscles. Pit bulls and Rottweilers have been genetically bred over centuries to possess guarding, herding and protection instincts. Bred to show an emotional fear response to new, out of place, potential threats. In an urban environment those threats are continual which is why the dogs are often securely isolated or otherwise safely reside in rural areas.<br />The film emphasizes saving these dogs, with extensive training, where possible. Unfortunately, they minimized the (if not outright distorted the statistics) dangers inherent in these breeds. They roughly state that between 2000-2009 only 250 human fatalities occurred of which only 17% can be attributed to Pits & Rotts. They say that misidentified breed data suggesting higher numbers are not accurate because they are largely the result of biased organizations that monitor police & news reports thus prone to error. Even so mixed Pit & Rot breeds still contain those genetics. But, owners, registration agencies as well as police are as likely to understate as overstate breed mixes. So what are the numbers? 2014 alone there were 42 fatalities with Pit (and mix) identified in 60+%; add Rott and identification is over 70%. Even a broader time frame of 2005-2014 gives consistently the similar percentages. Ignored in the film are the thousands, upon thousands physically and psychologically scarred for life from attacks far more serious than just a dog bite.<br />The counter argument that it's the human handler at fault fails in the same way that guns don't kill - people do, argument. I guess those other 300+ breeds must not have human handlers. The closest analogy is using gun accidental deaths. Well over a dozen countries with very tight gun regulations show far far fewer fatalities.<br />Dangerous possibilities should be regulated - no matter what the nature. I can think of one example a couple years back of a small child (not yet 7) who is not enjoying life today because she endangered fear in a Pit. Her skull was crushed.

Transformers: Age of Extinction
Andrew Arkin
Not a Bad Movie

I know a lot of people didn't like this movie. I like the Transformer movies. I think when you sit down to watch a movie like this you have to realize you are not sitting down to watch, Citizen Kane. You have to take it for what it is. It has some great actors in it and they do a pretty good job. There is a lot of action (predictable not) and there is so really funny stuff in it. The CGI is awesome, as usual. I don't think any of the movies in the Transformers franchise have lived up to the first one, but I still like them because I take them on face value.