Radio personality, Michael Washington, known as "DJ Mike", makes fun of peoples' lives with scam phone calls on his radio show, JAB STAB. His jokes make his show #1 of all morning talk shows in the state of Massachusetts. However, behind the scenes of the radio show, many unpredictable events develop in Mike's personal life.

  • DirectorPatrick Jerome
  • Starring Leon Robinson Scott Neufville
  • Runtime 1 hr 30 min
  • StudioBroadway Pictures Entertainment Inc
  • QualityHD



Reviews about Against The Jab

Against The Jab
Jim Boyd
Against the Jab Fills the Bill

I’m late to the party, watching this 2015 film, but glad to have found it. Against the Jab presents a realistic blend of intrigue, suspense, comedy and drama. Leon Robinson is superb as the talented, comical, engaging yet sympathetic radio show host who finds himself entangled in and affair run amuck at a most inopportune time. Director, writer Patrick Jerome weaves a convincing yet complicating tale (while managing to put in a cameo appearance as a detective serving a warning for the film’s main character). Most effective is the film’s “gotcha,” which I never saw coming. Looking for an entertaining 90 minutes? Against the Jab should fill the bill.

Against The Jab
Chengpei Xu
Must see!

It was hilarious! a good movie for a Sunday night. I just couldn't stop laughing all the way around!!The storyline is very clear and easy to follow, btw Clara Lago is so beautiful in this movie...

Against The Jab
Great Entertainment

One of the best movies I have seen in recent times. It is a perfect blend of comedy and mystery. It keeps you engrossed till the very end. I also enjoyed the beauty of Boston in the movie. Mr. Jerome has done an amazing job. All the actors in the movie were fantastic. Leon Robinson has done a wonderful job as a Radio Jockey. The international cast also did a commendable job. The story line is very strong. Emotions run very high while watching the movie and also the climax is jaw dropping. Screenplay and cinematography have the lifted the movie to a new level. Once again, a wonderful experience. I highly recommend everyone to watch this movie!!!!!!

Against The Jab
Tom Sputnik
Choice of actors is excellent, quality is super

The movie is unbelievable!!! My friend give me advice to watching it and now i want to say thanx for him and his family...
Choice of actors is excellent,quality is super,sound is amazing,music is great!!! All stories is so funny and very unpredictable...
Boston view of the city is spectacular.
Great job and well done

Against The Jab
Sergio leon
Story telling at its best!

Smart and cleaver story telling by a brilliant story teller in Patrick Jerome. A must see film with a fantastic cast that keeps you hooked to the very end thru all the twist and turns. A crowd pleaser for sure, you won’t be disappointed.

Against The Jab
Dan Y Marshall
A great blend of comedy & suspense!

This movie kept us entertained throughout with its clever comedy, excellent acting, and nested plots! DJ Mike's pranks and gags deliver every time, and the originality is refreshing! The interweaving of Mike's on-air personality and antics and his personal life's dramatic developments are well done and keep you guessing till the end. It was great seeing Leon in his element, displaying his diversity as a character actor and romantic lead, along with the strong performances by the talented line-up of actors, most notably Scott Neufville. A great pick for a fun Saturday night by the talented writer and filmmaker, Patrick Jerome!

Against The Jab
Fne acting, a great story

This film also has fine acting and a great story.
In creating the main character, the screenplay offers Leon Robinson a serious role that takes full advantage of his talents. The characters are very realistic; excellently written and executed.
The film works as a character-driven narrative, an engaging drama. It grabs your attention from the start due to its energetic story that makes the viewer think more profoundly about the choices that we all make in life. It is a kind of emotional roller coaster with peaks and valleys ,  with sharp biting humor, and touching affection.

Against The Jab
Nunotte Zama
I enjoyed it and highly recommend it

This is movie definitely keeps one on guessing until the end. I enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

Against The Jab
I'm just amaze. What a great movie

After watching Against The Jab. I'm just amaze. What a great movie? I'm so speechless by what I see. I would really recommend anyone to see this great movie.

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