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Aim Point Shoot

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A black and white neo-noir dark comedy about a single father and his daughter. The father who was recently released from prison tries to create the best life for him and his daughter the only way he knows how. As the film progresses a small underground society is revealed. This father daughter dynamic duo will not stop until they reach the top of the underground society.

  • DirectorStephen Cook
  • Runtime: 1 hr 30 min
  • StudioR Squared Films
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Aim Point Shoot

Aim Point Shoot
Amazon Customer
Great flick

Great flick! I like the black and white. It`s a lost art. To me this was a well made indie film. According to IMDB it was made for 3 grand. I have to say the music along with the scenes made me feel like I was watching an old classic noir. Obviously you would call this a neo noir. Strange cast of characters but I mean that in a good way! I wasnt`t sure if the cops were smart, dumb, or crooked. I guess they were all of the above. And the father daughter storyline... at the beginning I love the 2 characters but by the end I love ...

Aim Point Shoot
Awesome Film

Awesome film. Cool twist and pretty funny at times (in a bit of a dark humor kind of way). Looking forward to what Stephen Cook will be coming out with next because I already like the style, writing, and atmosphere of the film. I would tell you what some of the best parts were or what you could take from the film if you watch it, but I recommend just watching it for yourself. So give it a shot! No pun intended. Actually yeah, a little bit of intention with that pun. :P

Aim Point Shoot
Amazon Customer
Watch it!

It had all you could want in a movie. Really enjoyed it. Fantastic direction by Steve Cook. Look forward to his next film.

Aim Point Shoot
jackie Romano
A definite recommend

Excellent direction of an out-of-the box storyline that I found myself relating to. This director has a deliberate and keen eye that I very much appreciated--almost as much as the subject matter... A messed up single dad who is clearly the most viable parent to an intelligent young girl--- this is more of a reality than Hollywood is willing to translate! Hats off to the team on this film-- a slice of twisted reality that is probably more fact than fiction in the real world of troubled dudes.

Aim Point Shoot
dennis riley
WOW!! Took me completely by surprise. Pay ...

WOW !! Took me completely by surprise.Pay attention, and a must see till the very end.

Aim Point Shoot
Paul Sales III
Instant underground classic

A well done movie on such a low budget! I laughed, I cried, I died (in the movie). Waiting for Steve's next masterpiece.