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All American High Revisited

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ALL AMERICAN HIGH REVISITED is the ultimate high school documentary. We spend a year with the Class of '84 -- an era of neon fashion, punk posing and Princess Di hairdos. Flash forward three decades to those same students reflecting back at their teen selves with fond, bittersweet memories.

  • DirectorKeva Rosenfeld
  • Runtime: 1 hr 22 min
  • StudioVirgil Films
  • QualityHD

Reviews about All American High Revisited

All American High Revisited
joseph maese
It was a blast from the past and really cool to see people I knew in the movie

Watched it with family members that went to torrance high in the 80's, including mom. It was a blast from the past and really cool to see people I knew in the movie, specially since I graduated 04. Great throwback

All American High Revisited
Jeff Holmes
Touching added interviews of the high school students in middle age

The director has combined his original high school documentary with updated film to show what has happened to the high school students. The original documentary still holds up, with many laugh-out-loud moments and a reminder of at what life and technology were like not so long ago. The added interviews of the students in middle age were especially touching- and makes this revised film all the more worth watching.

All American High Revisited
Amazon Customer
Loved it!

This movie was really captivating and interesting given that I didn't grow up in the 80s. Seeing where some of the main characters are now and how they reacted to seeing the documentary was especially enjoyable. Loved it!

All American High Revisited
Amy Greene
This movie is beyond fun..

This movie is beyond fun... I had such a great time watching it. Documentaries come alive when they reveal themselves to the documentarian, who can then reveal the story to us - and this movie did just that through the skill of Director Keva Rosenfeld, discovering the beautiful and fun Finland transfer student, Rikki. His ability to capture not only this american high school in the 80's through her eyes, but in many ways, american life in general, which feels just as real today, as it was then. Then as a bonus - we get to see some of these teens we fall in love with ...

All American High Revisited
John Moonitz
Highly recommended!

Loved this documentary! I was a freshman at Torrance High the year they filmed this . . . This is an excellent look at the everyday teenager's life in the early 80s . . . Highly recommended!

All American High Revisited
K. Danvers
We screened this at our library and the audience loved it. No matter your age

We screened this at our library and the audience loved it. No matter your age, this film brings you right back to high school (and it's not that bad this time around!). Even my kids watched it and couldn't believe how different things were just 30 years ago. Definitely worth watching. And sharing!

All American High Revisited
Big Mama
Beautifully made, great music

Very entertaining and riveting. A slice of life in a big American high school. Beautifully made, great music. Not a bit sentimental or nostalgic, yet really emotionally engaging. Particularly fascinating in that it's a flashback to another time, yet one knows there are many high schools just like this right now. Also, the book ends of looking back from present day give it an amazing perspective. Highly recommend!

All American High Revisited
Steven R. Silbiger
Great film that captures the spirit of 1980's High School expreience

All American High Revisited is a great movie on a 1980's High School Experience through the eyes of a Finnish Exchange Student. This film fantastically crafted by director Keva Rosenfeld captures a year long moment in time before the creation of reality television. If you experienced the music culture and clothing of the mid 1980's, you will enjoy this look back in time. The where are they now component is always very interesting.

All American High Revisited
James L Cancelliere
High school has never been more fun to watch.

Everyone who went to high school will be able to relate to the antics depicted in this clever documentary. And, you don't need to suffer through a reunion to see where everyone ends up years later.