Ana Maria in Novela Land is the magical story of one young woman's struggle to find herself after being yanked out of her self-absorbed world of obsessive fandom for her favorite novela. After getting fired from her job, bailing on her best friend, then blowing off her sister's bridal fitting, Ana Maria is branded a disappointment by everyone - especially her family. Just like Ana Maria, Pasión Sin Limites' protagonist, the haughty and melodramatic Ariana Tomosa, is also having a very bad day (or episode): she's trapped in a love triangle between her older but charming fiancé and his younger, sexy son! As Ana Maria and Ariana reach their ...

Rated: PG-13

Creator: Georgina Riedel

Starring: Edy Ganem, Michael Steger

  • Genre:
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Romance