Sea Shepherd's most-dramatic Antarctic Campaign: long-time activist Paul Watson and first-time captain Alex Cornelissen unleash an array of risky strategies to find and stop the Japanese whaling fleet in the stunningly beautiful but uniquely treacherous Southern Ocean. Against all odds, a real-life pirate tale unfolds for the desperate crew of volunteers - a modern-day "David vs. Goliath" adventure.

  • DirectorDan Stone,Patrick Gambuti Jr.
  • Starring
  • Runtime 1 hr 29 min
  • StudioUnavailable
  • QualityHD



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At the Edge of the World


At the Edge of the World
everyone should see this

A DVD that all should see at a young age (teenager). What these people do is something the whole world should be aware of so that all can see the damage being done to the planet and that there is so few people doing something about it.

At the Edge of the World
Patricia M Costa
The oceans need help and heroes

we must know that some people are making the difference. Is necessary more than corage for helping wildlife: PASSION is needed.

At the Edge of the World
Whales in Antarctica...

What you see At The Edge Of The World will not happen any more as far as protecting the whales is concerned since these days the Japanese Navy accompanies the whale killing vessels in Antarctica so Japan can kill thousands of whales in the name of research without fear of being stopped by the environmentalists. Shame is truly understatement of the century after watching Japanese in action. When I watched another documentary, The Cove, the disturbing part was how could a group of people in this case Japanese, slaughter few hundred dolphins at a time and no one in their country would be outraged by their actions... Watch another documentary called "A Fall From Freedom" which covers the main story as well. Bravo.

At the Edge of the World
At the edge of the world!!

This is exciting reading..puts life into perspective and helps you appreciate what people with a passion can do!!What a shame they have to!!

At the Edge of the World
John Chandler
A very special film

I am sure most readers will be on the side of the whales and as this most valuable film makes clear it is an unequal contest with the Sea Shepherd being just about the only mob willing to do much about it. Despite the cheery atmosphere portrayed by the youthful crew of volunteers, (in part very much for the camera I suspect), make no mistake, their task is difficult, very difficult and extremely dangerous and they must know it! One scene deals with a zodiac lost in the open sea for 8 hours. Such a situation is nothing to laugh about. These inflatable craft are quite unsuited to the open southern ocean and can founder in an instant in the huge swells and storms that can arise in minutes. Survival under such circumstances is almost hopeless. Few if any viewers will have crossed these vast and stormy seas or flown by helicopter over such icy waters where again a ditching means certain death. I have had the good fortune to do both. These ships are grossly under-equipped, under-funded and under-resourced. Just look at their equipment, their food, their clothing and consider the enormous limitations imposed by fuel, radar and any meaningful search and rescue operation. Do not rent this disc, BUY IT, (it is worth every penny), and support these courageous defenders of the whales. For those lucky enough to meet and be greeted by a pod of whales in these waters there can be few more thrilling and meaningful experiences. Let it ever be so. The Japanese must be persuaded to stop.

At the Edge of the World
Dennis Podgorski
Code is a huge fan

Code stumbled on Whale Wars TV show and is a huge fan of the Sea Shepard crews.

We heard about the this documentary that inspired the tv show and just had to get it for him.

Anyone know of someone selling toy boats that look like Sea Shepard ships or whale fleet? We would love to surprise him with that too.

At the Edge of the World
Inspiring documentary on courageous efforts to save whales

Dan Stone's film, "At the Edge of the World", is a sincerely inspiring documentary of a heroic journey set forth by the under-supported, under-funded Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The organization's volunteer crew members, from all types of backgrounds and professions, risk their lives in hopes of protecting the illegally hunted whales that are located in the vast Antarctic ocean territory.

The film captures modern-day true-life heroes engaging together in their efforts to stave off the Japanese hunting vessels that are under the guise of 'research' in order to illegally slaughter whales for profit. A strong sense of purpose and group-member support among all those involved comes across clearly on screen.

Following the courageous, passionate, and determined crew members, are the just as brave, bold, and courageous cameramen who capture the heroic actions on film - some moments of which are hair raising! Also as captivating, and nothing less than breathtaking, is the cinematography of the vast Antarctic landscape, its majestic icebergs, crystal blue waters, and its beautiful wildlife.

Enhancing the film's emotive quality is the music selection. The soundtrack creates the perfect atmosphere for each scene in which the music is placed. Nothing is over or under done.

"At the Edge of the World" is a film that yearns to be seen on a big screen due to the expansive landscape, action scenes, and cinematography; the bigger the screen, the better. The DVD is one to have on hand when in need of inspiration. Nothing is more motivating than watching people come together for a cause that is dear to them - and this film puts the viewer right in the middle of it all.

At the Edge of the World
you can enjoy this as entertainment or as philosophy: you choose

'at the edge' is a documentary that sticks with you long afterwards but is also just good entertainment.

the film follows captain watson's team on their seemingly impossible mission of locating japanese vessels harvesting whale meat for consumption under the guise of 'research.' that this brazen breach of international law (and ethics or morals or whatever you would call it) continues with opposition only from a small and poorly funded group of activists is a worthy enough story to tell. thats not the only reason to see the film though.

see the film if you have ever been to a restaurant and ordered fish without having any idea if it is sustainable or not (the answer is often surprisingly difficult to find out). see the film if you've ever heard the clash's song about the supermarket and have thought about it literally. see the film if you have a pet and are a meat-eater and ever wondered where to draw the line. finally, see the film even if you don't care about any of that but just want to be taken on a real life-threatening adventure and feel it from the deck of the ship like only a handful of people have.

the documentary itself is just fun to watch: that cover shot is an amazing scene to watch in real-time and paul watson comes off almost as a merry clown. 'at the edge' is a tribute to human ingenuity at its worst (unethical behavior) and best (the resistance to that behavior) and is thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

At the Edge of the World
Not to be Missed

If you ever wondered if just for a minute what it would be like to put your personal life aside for something bigger, this is it. The backdrop of the Arctic is so stunningly beautiful it's hard to imagine something so heinousness such as the illegal harvesting of whales in the name of science is taking place. You don't have to be an activist to understand the sheer magnitude of what is going on and what a humble group of volunteers outnumber and outspent is trying to do about it. Dan Stone and his crew of talented not to mention brave cinematographers shed light on a critically important topic in an incredibly thoughtful way and without being overly gruesome. You don't have to see blood in the water to understand why the mission is so critical and what a few brave souls are attempting to do about it. See At the Edge of the World, it will forever change the way you think about Whales, the arctic and what it means to be an activist!

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