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Big In Japan

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Things are looking bleak for the members of rock band Tennis Pro. They've been struggling to connect to an audience in the Seattle music scene, with a recent run of shows drawing sparse crowds and uninspiring day jobs that are quickly eclipsing their dreams. So when an opportunity arises to take their act on the road to Japan - where the allure of a second chance at recognition awaits them - they can't refuse. Embarking on their Tokyo musical odyssey, the guys experience all the thrills and setbacks of taking their music into unknown territory (at least to them) and in the process learn a thing or two about ...

  • DirectorJohn Jeffcoat
  • Runtime: 1 hr 40 min
  • StudioStrand Releasing
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Big In Japan

Big In Japan
Fun fun movie

Fun movie and story. Understated drama but it kept me entertained without an action sequence.

Big In Japan
Don Steiner
Good movie! Just easy to watch and humorous

Good movie! Just easy to watch and humorous. Wasn't it expecting it to change my life... liked the soundtrack too... still humming that "Kimberly" song! it was a lot of fun.

Big In Japan
Great movie! Funny from the beginning to the end

Great movie! Funny from the beginning to the end. I saw this at the Seattle International Film Festival and have been waiting for this to become available. I highly recommend this movie!!

Big In Japan
Michael King
Great movie! Liked it so much I bought a ...

Great movie! Liked it so much I bought a copy! If you like bands, music and comedy then this one is worth checking out.

Big In Japan
J. Hamilton
Do Japan Tennis Pro style

Saw this at the SIFF premier and can't wait to see how it translates to the small screen. Charming, funny, silly, and surprisingly sweet. Ride along with Tennis Pro, a Seattle band, as they head to Japan to try to make it big. The music is great, the characters are memorable, and you'll find yourself saying "remember that scene when...." for days afterward. This film is seriously enjoyable.

Big In Japan
patricia borg
A great rock and roll story! Hilarious, with a winning soundtrack, tennis pro scores big!

Saw this at the Seattle premier, and it was awesome!The characters were easy to relate to, and the story was believable. It was a really fresh take on comedy, with no unnecessary overacting and cheap gags, but instead was just a fun movie to watch. From the first scene on the toilet, writing a new hit, to the hilarious accommodations in Japan, to the beautiful cello solo, the movie just makes you feel good, and you will end up cheers for the band as they struggle for success abroad!Bravo to the cast and crew, this movie is awesome!