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Casese Quien Pueda (English Subtitled)

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The best-laid love plans go hilariously awry in this sparkling romantic-comedy hit. After glamorous city girl Ana (Martha Higareda) discovers her fiancé has cheated on her, she drowns her sorrows, passes out, and awakes in a faraway tropical jungle--in a hut with a hunky stranger! Meanwhile, Ana's sister Daniela (Miriam Higareda) starts to suspect her BFF may be more than just a friend in this laugh-filled film that proves love can lead you to wildly unexpected places.

  • DirectorMarco Polo Constandse
  • Runtime: 1 hr 47 min
  • StudioLionsgate
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Casese Quien Pueda (English Subtitled)

Casese Quien Pueda (English Subtitled)
Silviana Dooher
Five Stars

This is a fun and funny movie. It is one of my favorites.

Casese Quien Pueda (English Subtitled)
Story+actors+music=great movie

Funny, even when it was a bit predictable, it had a good story, the acting was fenomenal and the music was a perfect fit

Casese Quien Pueda (English Subtitled)
Love it

rented it the first time but i like the movie so much, i had to have it in my collection and ordered the dvd as well. :)

Casese Quien Pueda (English Subtitled)
Awesome movie

Too funny. I liked it. It was about a 2 sister's one was getting married the other was in love with her life long friend. Ana finds out that here BRIDESMAID was sleeping with GROOM . So the story goes on. Ana finds herself lost finds a handsome man she they fall in lovebwith each othe. Her sister got wrapped up in the arms of her life long friend but the truth comes out.Want to know the rest plus more get the movie

Casese Quien Pueda (English Subtitled)
I would say fresh and funny!!

me encanto, la trama los personajes. exellent movie.I would say fresh and funny!!!!!!