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Chris Porter: Ugly And Angry

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In this stand-up special, Chris Porter gives his look on drugs, growing old, women's fashion, and his love for Taco Bell.

  • DirectorJay Chapman
  • Runtime: 1 hr 0 min
  • StudioNew Wave Dynamics
  • QualityHD
  • Starring

Reviews about Chris Porter: Ugly And Angry

Chris Porter: Ugly And Angry
"She wanted me to stop eating Taco Bell. We aren't together anymore"

Have you ever had a situation where you just want to be snarky and brutally honest? Chris Porter does just that.If I had to describe what my inner-ball-of-hate would look and act like, it would be Chris Porter. He tells it like it is and points out the performances of the less intelligent. At least one of the topics in his stand up is something that we have all experienced. Taco Bell, Facebook and dating are just a few things that he expresses his anger about and they are all so true!!!He's hilarious and is definitely a rising star!

Chris Porter: Ugly And Angry
Staci M. Free
Are you s***ting me? This stand up makes any day better.

Super funny stand up comedy special, do you like sarcasim? A dose of dry humor? A moment of "omg I was so thinking that"? Chris Porter is super funny, this special you can watch over and over again and it will be just as funny. A great comedy set especially if you also enjoy, Bill Burr, or Lewis Black. Enjoy!

Chris Porter: Ugly And Angry
You need to see this!

Favorite comic- love his stand up. This special is highly rewatchable.

Chris Porter: Ugly And Angry
Jim Rogers
Hilarious Adult Comedy

Hilarious! Very adult... I wouldn't let anyone under 18 watch but we laughed ourselves to tears.

Chris Porter: Ugly And Angry
Adam Blue
Kansas City favorite!

Joining the ranks of many comedians to come out of Kansas City in the last decade, Chris Porter is one of the best observational comedians to come out since Seinfeld. He brings his "southern rock" type of comedy to the stage in this his second special and does not disappoint here. "If those girls don't like Beer and Pot, they're not going to like us - ATTALL!

Chris Porter: Ugly And Angry
Rib cracking truth

Chris Porter is one of the funniest comics of our time. He combines facial expression with delivery for an unbelievably good time. I searched forever for this on dvd, never found one, so I downloaded finally. I can rewatch him weekly.

Chris Porter: Ugly And Angry
M. Ellis
Funniest stand-up routine I've ever seen

Just to echo the sentiment of other reviews, this was the funniest stand-up routine I've ever seen. Absolutely hilarious. I can't wait for more from Chris.