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Core-Self Discovery

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This is the pictorial format of the inSelf Yoga course for discovering the core-self in the psyche of the individual soul. This was adapted from Michael Beloved's Meditation Pictorial book. These mind diagrams give graphic depiction of what should take place in the head of the subtle body during meditations for pin-pointing the core-self, the observing transcendental I-identity. If you do not have a teacher, then perhaps with this information you will not require one. This is book-guru. No need to run to a seminar here, a workshop there, a trip of exotic India or even a retreat in Colorado. At your leisure, anywhere anytime, this book-guru is available to you.

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Reviews about Core-Self Discovery

Core-Self Discovery
Christopher Hall
Namaste! Of all the book's in the world, ...

Namaste! Of all the book's in the world, this little book is my most prized possesion. If the process of meditation could be compared to a gem, then folk's I must in all honesty state that this is a gem who's brilliance in meditation procedures is a dazzyling as the splendorous light of a thousand Sun's!To the author Michael Beloved and co-author devaPriya Yogini ananta ki jai! (perpetual obeisance's to them, now and forevermore)! Straight up! On the Realside, The Genuine True!Om Shantihi, Shantihi, Shantihi! Om Peace, Peace, Peace!

Core-Self Discovery
Marcia Beloved
The book by itself is complete, but the audial ...

The book by itself is complete, but the audial and visual guidance of the companion DVD is very helpful in learning the meditation technique to locate the energetic eternal soul.