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As law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes and their partners willingly stand up to the worst the world can offer, yet at the end of the day, they face a challenge that none of them are truly prepared to tackle: fatherhood. While they consistently give their best on the job, they quickly discover that their children are beginning to drift further away from them. When tragedy hits home, these men are left with a newfound urgency to renew their faith and reach out to their own children. Will they be able to find a way to serve and protect those who are most dear to them

  • DirectorAlex Kendrick
  • Runtime: 2 hr 9 min
  • StudioTriStar Pictures
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Courageous

A Positive Role

Good. Maybe a bit expected in plot line - good - bad - anger - hope - etc. Another emotional charmer that had me recommend it to a few friends at work.

Elena Marie

What a wonderful uplifting movie. It had a great message about how important a father is to his children.
We all need the support through our lives from our father. I was so blessed to have a wonderful father that was always there for me and guided me
the way these fathers agreed to do for their children. Children need both parents to love them and guide them through their lives. It all comes from our love of our fatherly god in heaven. This movie should be shown in churches,police stations, the military and schools.

Five Stars

All these faith based movies are great lessons. Prompt service, AAA+++ rating

A wake up for all fathers!

This was a very well done movie which was spiritually and morally uplifting! It realistically portrayed the importance of a father in the home in this day and age.

Amazon Customer
Awesome film for any parent that is concerned about raising ...

Awesome film for any parent that is concerned about raising a child centered on their faith in God. The stories that extrapolated from each officer included very timely and relevant examples the predicaments and journeys that we all face in life. The film also contained very light-hearted moments that gave a good laugh. The power of these dedicated men along with their faith in God was an inspiration and a beacon of hope for the world that can be, if we work together in faith. Kudos to the producers.

Amazon Customer
Unday' Review

It was an amazing movie. The actors' acting was fantastic and the message given was absolutely perfect. 100 % yes.