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Maria's routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

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Reviews about Cuerdas

Amazon Customer
Empathy at its best!

Absolutely beautiful movie! I use it with my Spanish Immersion students every year now to teach empathy and compassion!!! Can be a tear jerker for very sensitive children.

Denise O.
Five Stars

This is a must see short film for children or all ages and abilities.

Ann's carving
Nice lesson on accepting the differences of others.

It is a very well done animation, and reflects the live one can have for an individual regardless of their life challenges. It is anticlimactic that, despite her efforts, the little girl looses her friend towards the end of the story. I believe whether she lost him or not, their relationship could have persuaded her into her life's work.I do like that is less than 5 minutes, and would fit well into my disability awareness program, but there are better ones available for free.I'm not necessarily looking for something for nothing, however give how much is outr here, it definitely influenced my impression of it.

Johnson B. Johnsonson
Bring tissue. Lots of tissue.

So many onions were cut while watching this movie; not exactly sure why it had to be done right beside my face. I went in not expecting much from an unknown cartoon short, but had my emotions toyed with, like a cat with a string. I loved every moment of it, and see much success in the future for this filmmaker and storyteller.Al director:Esta pelicula trajo el llanto como una tormenta de sorpresa. Gracias por esos momentos, y por restaurar un poquito de mi fe en la humanidad, a tráves de ojos de niños, prestados.

Amazon Customer
Happy I decided to buy

I loved this film, I was looking for it everywhere online but I do not speak Spanish and it would have been really tedious to watch it while following the script so I just spent the money to watch it in high quality. Of course I bought it with the hopes that it would have subtitles even after reading the reviews that told me otherwise, so that was a little disappointing. But even without subtitles it was very easy to understand and even taught me some words in Spanish. If you want to know what is being said exactly just google subtitles for "cuerdas" I downloaded and opened them ...

Get ready for a good, heart-warming cry

I originally saw this video on YouTube and was crushed when I couldn't find it again. When I found it on Amazon, I was so happy!! Maria is a little girl who appoints herself as the new best friend of a non-verbal boy in a wheelchair. The video shows Maria encouraging the boy and truly treating him like a person. I cry EVERY time I watch it; it is SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Great film!

This is one of the sweetest films I've ever seen. I do wish it had subtitles as described, but the message of the film comes through regardless of the language one speaks. Great film!

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