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Deadly Silence

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A story based on true events, a drug-addict supervisor fears losing his job after one of his employees discovers his dark secret

  • DirectorVictor Pukhalsky
  • Runtime: 21 min
  • StudioUnavailable
  • QualityHD
  • Starring

Reviews about Deadly Silence

Deadly Silence
Pedro Contreras
Don't get mad, be glad!!!

Very good message in the movie. Was better than what I expected.

Deadly Silence
nice to look at when you know it's not some ...

nice to look at when you know it's not some fake. great movie. such cases in the world very much. but why producers choose to lie. more such films that people would wonder before to do something

Deadly Silence
aleksey pukhalskiy
by alex

By watching this film I understood that it is not easy to forgive when somebody hurt your feelings.I would recommend this film to everybody.I loved it very much, and we need more films like that!

Deadly Silence
Natalya Pukhalsky
A little gory to watch, but I enjoyed it.

I like this movie a lot because we have this problem in the movie on the rise, and movies like this are leading us away from evil.

Deadly Silence
Good Movie. Good morals.

Thanks for the good movie, which teaches not to hate or do something bad in anger. We need more movies like this.