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Don Friesen: Ask Your Mom

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Shot live in front of a packed house, Don Friesen delivers the laughs in a big way in his brand new stand-up special Ask Your Mom. Fresh, frenetic and self-deprecating to a fault, Don's outrageously physical style of comedy connects with his audience, getting them to laugh with him as he willingly exploits his flaws. The result is a uniquely fun, clever, and clean act that everyone can relate to.

  • DirectorScott Montoya
  • Runtime: 59 min
  • StudioMillennium Entertainment
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Don Friesen: Ask Your Mom

Don Friesen: Ask Your Mom
Don Friesen's one of the best!

This happens to be one of my top 5 favorite comedians & stand-ups.(plus the hilarity doesn't require curse words/remarks)

Don Friesen: Ask Your Mom
but quite funny and enjoyed

Never heard of Don before, but quite funny and enjoyed!

Don Friesen: Ask Your Mom
Five Stars

He is really really funny. Clean, timely, great delivery.

Don Friesen: Ask Your Mom
Kim Faye Clunk
I highly recommend for good clean humor!!!

Funny funny and has to be rated G or GP tops, which is a plus when the grandkids are around. Really loved his humor about his family. I highly recommend and have watched it 3 times already!

Don Friesen: Ask Your Mom
Ronald Stockman
Very funny.

We loved this. Haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

Don Friesen: Ask Your Mom
B. Janes
Family fun

Love this guy and his routine is clean enough for the whole family!