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Fading West

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Part rock documentary, part surf film, and part travelogue, "Fading West" follows Grammy-winning alternative-rock band Switchfoot as they travel the globe in search of new musical inspiration and perfect waves. Filmed during the band's 2012 World Tour, this compelling doc offers rare glimpses of the longtime surfers on their boards and in the waves, captures the frenetic energy of their live shows, and in the end portrays a journey both epic and intimate.

  • DirectorMatt Katsolis
  • Runtime: 1 hr 23 min
  • StudioFilmBuff
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Fading West

Fading West
Andrew Bickford
One of the best films that I have seen! Very inspiring!

This is an excellent film! Very inspiring! The entire production of it, from the music that was used, to the footage that was captured, makes this film stand out in quality. It does a great job showing some of the hardships that a band faces out of the road. However, Switchfoot allows it audience to have an inside view on how they are able to use surfing as a temporary "escape" from their time on tour. Through surfing, they claim that they are able to hit the "reset" button.

Fading West
Jordan Castillo
The documentary, while entertaining and interesting, did not ...

The documentary, while entertaining and interesting, did not include much about the role of spirituality and belief in Jesus in the lives of the members of Switchfoot. I was surprised that they did not cover these themes, and I think they should have talked more about it.

Fading West
Five Stars

Surprisingly transparent and honest. An inspiring story. Well worth the view.

Fading West
Patrick Rhody
Journey Of The San Diego Surf Boys!

FADING WEST is Switchfoots journey across the world as they make their new album. This is an outstanding piece of work from my favorite band. Fading West is what a docudrama should be. I loved every minute of it!

Fading West
Efrain Ramos Jr.
Not as good as I expected

I love Switchfoot but this documentary was not as good as I expected. I'm not a move critic but doc was lacking something. Perhaps it was the editing because the story didn't seem to flow very well.

Fading West
Stacy Ebert
Excellent movie with an AWESOME band

Excellent movie with an AWESOME band!!! I love that they are always inspiring others and giving back to the community. Their music is so positive and upbeat ALWAYS! I see look forward to seeing them everytime they come back to SAN DIEGO!!!

Fading West
amazing scenery, great music

we love this movie, such great scenery, especially of s. africa!

Fading West
Five Stars

wonderful footage and story of making music and loving life and people.

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