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Family Party

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High school senior, Nick gets forced by his parents to attend a boring family party instead of letting him to go a local summer concert with his baseball buddies. He meets a group of teens--including a girl named Arti--who are all stuck at the party too. They soon realize they all have tickets to the same local concert and hash out a plan to sneak out. Their scheme falls apart when they're met with another jealous childhood friend, a missing diamond necklace and a small religious ceremony put on by the adults. Can they find a way out or is this family party the end of Nick's night

  • DirectorPari Mathur
  • Runtime: 51 min
  • StudioQuiver
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Family Party

Family Party
Five Stars

Entertaining watch. Showcases the Indian-American family dynamic with a coming-of-age romantic backdrop.

Family Party
Must watch for parents and teens

A movie that is easy to relate to for both parents and teens. This movie gives an eye-opening commentary on some of the habits parents and relatives inadvertently show without making the movie become dramatic or serious. This romantic and family-oriented comedy is a fun way to spend the afternoon. Looking forward to seeing more movies like this!

Family Party
Five Stars

Very well made movie depicting the dilemma of current generation of Indian kids.

Family Party
Very Entertaining!!

Very entertaining!! Strong Teenager son and his Mother relationship. Wish it was little longer.

Family Party
Ali S.
Great Indian-American film!

Great film about the new Indian-American generation and the freedom and fun the teens long for, while dealing with the close family dynamic of their Indian culture.

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