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In his follow up to the top selling mountain bike instructional film, Fluidride: Like a Pro, veteran pro racer and internationally renowned Coach Simon Lawton discusses the importance of footwork on the bike. If I could bottle flow, it would smell like dirty socks, says Lawton. Flow-Tonic teaches you the importance of riding from your feet in any riding discipline, and gives you clear and easy ways to start your very own riding revolution.

  • DirectorMark Brent
  • Runtime: 27 min
  • StudioFluidride
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Flow-Tonic

"I Can Turn Now"

My turns/cornering are my weak point in mtb'ing, I am a newb. The instruction on this vid is clear and with practice, a great confidence builder. My turns have improved already. Great basic skills for anyone starting out in mtb'ing. I don't know if the skills explained will help an advanced rider but I don't see how they would hurt either. Vid has about 23 minutes of instruction on turns/cornering and is worth buying. Highly recommend it.

Five Stars

solid video- it's pretty short but packed with great info and well produced.

Dad and 3 Jedi's
A must see for any level

Simple video I came across. I've used all the tips from it. I'm a moderate rider and found this video took me to the next level for my riding skills! Thank you Simon Lawton.

corwin Eversley
Simply awesome! Within one week of purchasing this video

The concepts, ideas, and tips were presented in such a way that I could immediately apply them to my riding. Simply awesome! Within one week of purchasing this video, i ordered his third video! Cant get enough!

Great Video for Tips on Technique

Good for folks who want to break it down a little more and see the dynamics and mechanics of good form and technique.

Makes you shred ready... shready

I have bought both of his Fluidride videos. Great explanations and get see him doing it himself. Best videos I have found for MTB skills.

Jason G.
Great video, and great instruction

This video is jam packed with some really great instruction. My brother-in-law watched it and sent a text with a "go watch this right now" command. It didn't disappoint. It's around 28-ish minutes I think, and is seriously all fantastic explanations and demonstrations of cornering and footwork.Highly recommend.

If you need a learning path or want to improve your MTB skills

Great DVD for the mountain bike lover. I have already learned and improved my techniques. I am very happy with this purchase, because most the DVDs about MTB are just documentaries that show off MTB Pros but don't tell you anything on how to do the tricks or a learning path.