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Fuzz Track City

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Murphy Dunn (Todd Robert Anderson of Geek Nation's FILM PIGS) is a down-and-out private detective hired by a sultry woman (cult favorite Dee Wallace of THE LORDS OF SALEM, ET: THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL) to find her missing son. But soon this wannabe James Bond finds himself embroiled in a mystery of betrayal, music, and murder that surrounds an obscure 1970s rock record. Luckily this might actually give Murphy the chance to fire his weapon. Costarring Sean Wing (TV's HELLO LADIES) and Abby Miller (TV's JUSTIFIED), this award-winning indie comedy is fueled by an eclectic retro-rock soundtrack and is the debut feature from Steve Hicks.

  • DirectorSteve Hicks
  • Runtime: 1 hr 30 min
  • StudioStarz
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Fuzz Track City

Fuzz Track City
J. Gottlieb
So good!!!!!!!!

Excellent film! I absolutely loved it! The characters were fantastic creations and give this film a really unique feel. Funny, exciting, and loaded with sweet tunes!

Fuzz Track City
A surprising gem of a (dark) comedy!

This is not a big-budget film, but, frankly, far, FAR superior in acting and writing than most of what Hollywood releases these days. I would LOVE to see what the director, Steve Hicks, could do with a Hollywood-sized budget (studio heads take note!). The beginning starts off a tiny bit slow, but hang in there and enjoy the ride.

Fuzz Track City
David B. Palamaro
Fuzz Track City Rocks!!!

Fuzz Track City is a really fun ride - both as a comedy and as anhomage to 70's detective movies. Ad a bit of biting social commentaryabout the current state of the music industry (or lack there of)through the use of witty humor and you've got an extremely thrillingmovie from first time director Steve Hicks. All the performances areexcellent, from Dee Wallace (of "E.T." fame) to lead actor Todd RobertAnderson to the magnetic Josh Adell as the crazy/lovable agoraphobic ZiggySchultz. Plus the music throughout the film is very catchy and expertly captures that old school rock n' roll vibe that the lead character loves so much. An all in ...

Fuzz Track City
Roger Adell
A Zany Caper

I loved this thoroughly entertaining, fast-paced, zany caper of a film. It is hard to describe a film that reminds me of a combination of Boogie Nights, Fargo, The Big Lebowski and Jackie Brown all wrapped up into one fun, wild ride. The performances were outstanding and all the actors were having every bit as much fun as I was having for the 1 1/2 watching it. As a matter of fact, I'll watch it again over the weekend. Bravo to Steve Hicks and the entire cast.

Fuzz Track City
Jim Rockford and Thomas Magnum would Love This Guy

I wrote this for the program of the Dances With Films festival - which was Fuzz Track City's World Premiere. This is a fun ride!Jim Rockford had a Malibu trailer home. Thomas Magnum walked the beaches of Hawaii. In Fuzz Track City, Murphy Dunn (Todd Robert Anderson) works NoHo. North Hollywood, that is. This mostly 70's inspired noir detective story, will have genre fans spotting tributes from Dashiell Hammett to Stephen J. Cannell.

Fuzz Track City
Excellent fun!

We had heard good things about this independent film and decided to check it out. Absolutely loved it. Clearly inspired by 70s detective shows, with a dash of Lebowski and Wes Anderson influence, yet the film still manages to be fresh and original. Great performances by Todd Robert Anderson (Murphy Dunn) and Josh Adell (Ziggy Schultz), and Dee Wallace (Dawn Lockwood)-- yes, Dee Wallace, perhaps best know from her role as the mom in E.T.The writing was and editing were sharp and the characters were engaging. Can't say enough good things about this film.

Fuzz Track City
Andrew Richter
Five Stars

Love this movie!! It's such a fun ride! Can't wait to watch it again with my fiancé.

Fuzz Track City
Killer Film

A seriously entertaining and hilarious independent film with lots of twists and turns.

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