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Gift That Kept Giving

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When Terry McDorkle, a very laid-back musician, receives a strange gift in the mail, he desperately tries to seek out the sender, while fending for his life. Paranoia begins to eat away at his sanity, while the gift itself is waiting to drag its victims into a never-ending nightmare.

  • DirectorTrey McGriff
  • Runtime: 23 min
  • StudioWhiskey Child Records
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Gift That Kept Giving

Gift That Kept Giving
Scary Movie Lover

This movie reminds me of a cool and unique Twilight Zone episode or Tales From the Crypt episode! I highly recommend viewing GIFT THAT KEPT GIVING to all film fans in the Horror, Science Fiction, and Comedy genres! This film has you covered and will make you laugh out loud. If you take a chance on watching a new film this year, let it be GIFT THAT KEPT GIVING!

Gift That Kept Giving

Saw this at a film festival, and loved it. Great cinematography with quite a few laughs along the way. Give it a try!