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Head Games (2012)

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DAY & DATE THEATRICAL! FROM OSCAR© NOMINATED DIRECTOR STEVE JAMES ("HOOP DREAMS")! A revealing documentary about the concussion crisis in sports. Athletes and parents share their personal struggles in dealing with concussions from the professional to youth levels, taking a deeper look at the devastating and long-term effects of concussions in all sports.

  • Runtime: 1 hr 35 min
  • StudioGravitas Ventures LLC
  • QualityHD
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Reviews about Head Games (2012)

Head Games (2012)
Casey Mask
Five Stars

This was a wonderfully informative documentary. The information is important for parents, athletes, coaches, and medical professionals alike.

Head Games (2012)
Amazon Customer
Great video. I show it to my Health class ...

Great video. I show it to my Health class and the students really enjoy it.

Head Games (2012)
Parents Wake Up

This was stunning to watch. Anyone who has a kid in sports needs to know what is in this video.

Head Games (2012)
L. Heaton
Required viewing

One of the best and most honest looks at the consequences of children participating in sports at a higher level, when they are far too young. The win at all cost mentality is astounding and the coach/parental attitude that when a child is injured, they should "shake it off" and get back in as fast as possible borders on abuse. In this film, I think that what was most astonishing to me was the female physician at the end, who works with concussion victims and whose son has had numerous concussions playing hockey--and yet, she "can't seem to let him give it up". Amazing. I ...

Head Games (2012)
S. Gahgan
Every Athlete shoud watch

Every athlete should watch... very informative and eye opening. I enjoyed it very much. I am glad to see CTE getting the attention it deserves.

Head Games (2012)
Dr. F. Sisti
Makes One Very Wary of the Head Games

I have two grandsons and a granddaughter who all love to play "head games" and it is becoming harder and harder to overlook the longterm problems associated with concussions and concussive effects, especially on children. These issues are eventually going to have a major impact on these games and how our future sports environment looks in the future.

Head Games (2012)
Lorna Lydem
Great documentary

Excellent presentation of a present-day situation which needs to be looked at very closely. Have young folks watch to make them aware!