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Heaven Strewn

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Heaven Strewn follows best friends Mickey Feathers and Jasper Fanning. Mickey is looking to recover his losses from a botched counterfeiting transaction and has learned the coordinates of a looming drop by those who burnt him. He must now persuade Jasper to help him under the ruse of meteorite hunting. However, Jasper has imperative issues of his own to deal with. His girlfriend is pregnant and his job as a staff writer for the Los Angeles Chronicle is in peril. Eventually persuaded to hit the road the pair stumbles onto a major find. The discovery thrusts each into immediate danger and threatens to radically transform the fabric of their friendship.

  • DirectorJeremiah Gurzi
  • Runtime: 1 hr 17 min
  • StudioCinema Libre
  • QualityHD
  • Starring Wyatt Denny Rob Tepper

Reviews about Heaven Strewn

Heaven Strewn
Awesome tale of two friends journey

This was a great tale of friendship, greed, and dangerous adventure.

Heaven Strewn
Erik Jensen
Micro-budget indie filmmaking at its finest.

Great performances and entertaining writing. Well worth your time.

Heaven Strewn
Elvis The Pelvis
Nice little indie film!

the trailer hooked me in so I decided to check out the film and was very surprised to see how much I enjoyed it! For some reason IMDB users give this film a terrible rating? I don't understand why? In my opinion, it was a good balance between genre (enough to get me to watch it) and art cinema...but not boring art cinema! the scene with mickey talking about, "me and ed were pinned down..." that bit should be somewhere in film history...honestly. My only notes would be this: the third act doesn't really bring resolution to the characters as much as it should and some of the scenes ...

Heaven Strewn
Gem of a movie

This is the first feature-length directorial effort of a talented filmmaker, and based on this impressive debut, I look forward to seeing more. This movie is not spectacle-porn, like so many of the gargantuan budget super-hero epics trotted out for mass consumption, but a personal and honest portrayal of male friendship, wrapped up in a tale of palpable mortal danger. If you appreciate and understand true filmmaking, I recommend this gem from a director who obviously understands it too.