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Criminal Frans Weeling realizes, after he has a revelation on the island Texel, he is only another link in the chain of the whole universe. This idea enlightens him, but also conflicts with his position and perspectives in the ...

  • DirectorAnders Walter
  • Runtime: 22 min
  • StudioM and M Productions
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Helium


This is a poignant story about a dying boy, Alfred, who finds hope from an unlikely source. Beautifully acted by Casper Crump, his role as Enzo, the offbeat janitor who takes a shine to Alfred, was both moving and compelling. I had honestly expected to find myself become more sad than anything after watching this. Surprisingly, I found this story ending to have quite the opposite effect on me. It may not be the sense of hope one would want to expect for Alfred, but it is most assuredly the sense of hope he needed.

Amazon Customer
Heartwarming story that opens your thinking to the thoughts of ...

Heartwarming story that opens your thinking to the thoughts of a sick child, the creativity and dedication of a stranger and the power of imagination

Spotless mind
This movie is so hauntingly beautiful, visually and conceptually

This movie is so hauntingly beautiful, visually and conceptually. And it being a short is just an added bonus for my sometimes short attention span.Being only fluent in one language meant reading subtitles, but the essence of the movie engages you to the point of reading them subconsciously, while you take in the cinematography. As I recall the movies lines, I hear them in my head in English because of the way the dialect grips you. This one is beautiful!

Diablo Chaser
Four Stars

well written subtitle quick to read so you can fellow movie

Amazon Customer
This is a little gem

I'd heard about this somewhere in online media, I'm so glad I watched this. Helium is a little gem. For me the move starts very simply, nothing amazing or obvious to draw the viewer in. The story subtly keeps/builds the viewers interest, and I believe has a good/strong/powerful ending.

Xiomara Carpio
Melancholy, and magical

The story line was great, it left me wanting to see more.

JESUSJAY, The Spiritual Journalist
Teaching how to meditate eternally in peace through imagination

I can not give details of how this wonderful and inspiring movie will leave an imprint in your subconsciousness. I went to see this short with my girlfriend Annabelle and we both cried; we were marveled at the stunning photography, the views, the score, the dialogue. Not a single second is wasted in narrating the drama but the most beautiful instance is by learning how we can all imagine a peaceful world which lies beyond our imagination and how through meditation, we can achieve that state of joy transcending into eternity.


Excellent! Definitely one of the best short films I've seen. Lives up to the Oscar it won this year. Must see!

L. A. Trickey
Very sweet

This was a very sweet, touching short film. We heard about it on the Academy Awards and wanted to check it out. Animation was great!