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Henry's Crime

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With a terrific cast led by Keanu Reeves, Vera Farmiga and a splendid James Caan, HENRY'S CRIME is a fun comedy with irresistible heist and heart. Reeves stars as Henry Torne, a wrongly accused man who winds up behind bars for a bank robbery he didn't commit. After befriending a charismatic lifer (Caan) in prison, Henry finds his purpose -- having done the time, he decides he may as well do the crime. But his outlandish plan to rob the very same bank spins wildly out of control, as he finds himself performing in a stage play and falling in love with the production's seductive leading lady (Farmiga).

  • DirectorMalcolm Venille
  • Runtime: 1 hr 47 min
  • StudioFox
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Henry's Crime

Henry's Crime
Kathy Woodward
A Hidden Gem

I found this gem by accident and am so happy I did! I am Keanu Reeves fan, but this movie also starred James Caan and Vera Farmiga. James Caan is one of the greatest actors of our times, and his performance in this film is on point. He plays his character is such a way that even though he is a career criminal, he is still like able and you find yourself rooting for him throughout the film. Vera Farming I recognized from the series Bates Motel. Her character is actually quite similar. She plays a somewhat self obsessed, shut off want to actress who won't let anyone ...

Henry's Crime
... acting by Keanu Reeves and Vera Farmiga were really good and funny

Keanu Reeves, Vera Farmiga and James Caan are the very best. I have followed all three of them for a long time. This movie is a wonderful romantic comedy that I would recommend to others. I bought this DVD and I am glad I did. I have watched it more than once and always get a "feel good" chuckle out of it. There are a lot of good "gotcha moments" in it.The story begins as Henry (Keanu Reeves) has been in prison for a bank robbery he never committed. His history is one of being a toll booth operator and was married, but by the time he gets released ...

Henry's Crime
Many meanings.

This is a movie you can watch over and over again. The acting was great and the script was very creative. You can really analyze this film due to the different layers and meanings. You can see it as it is, that is take it literally, or you can see the symbolism in each character and situation. I also think this movie is very inspiring and motivates you to take charge of your life and know what you want in life.

Henry's Crime
Good movie that could have been better

I really wanted to like this movie. It was ok but the ending was a huge disappointment.Good performances particularly by James Caan, but it really needed an ending!!Even if they had put it in the closing credits, but they did not and it was a real disappointment.

Henry's Crime
Ruby D
Don't miss this sleeper

We really liked this allot…different type part for Keanu…he did good with it…James Caan always great and the character actors were good…actually had allot going on...highly recommend.

Henry's Crime
Surprisingly good movie!

I decided to watch the movie on Netflix because Keanu Reeves was in it and I'm glad I did. While the plot slows down quite a bit, it still seems to have the proper pacing for the story being told.Keanu plays Henry, a man that seems almost bored with his extremely uninteresting life. He goes to work, he comes home and that's about it. He doesn't have any goals and seems to be numb or indecisive about his feelings toward his current life including his wife. He's the guy that wants to make others happy and goes along with whatever comes his way.During the movie ...

Henry's Crime
Laughing out loud

Keanu Reeves is absolutely wonderful and his dry humoured delivery was perfect. James Cann and Vera Farmiga rounded out the super cast. The story was well paced and thoroughly enjoyable.

Henry's Crime
Paul H.
Lighthearted and Funny

I enjoyed this movie. Even though it's a bit slow at times, there is still plenty of things going on, to keep it interesting. The performance from James Caan is really good! The ending is a bit strange. But then, the whole movie is kind of strange (in a good way).

Henry's Crime
Randy Clark
Average Film

I love all the actors and actresses in this film. That being said I gave it three stars. The plot was nothing special and often predictable. The acting at times was stiff and superficial. I stopped it several times to do things about the flat (it didn't draw me in or hold my attention). But it's not a bad film. Just average.

Henry's Crime
The ending is the worst ending of all time.

All the actors were great, I’m not even sure if I saw the whole movie as the ending is one of the worlds worse.What about the Guard?What about Henry and Lurnet I think was her name... Henry stays and the clown in the tunnel doesn’t turn on him...Could have been a great movie, and the ending ruined the entire film.The ending made me sorry I watched the film, the director, editor, and the writers who ended this are possible the lamest excuses ever.I gave it three stars as Caan, and the rest had me the entire movie.... and then these untied ends, with no common sense crap, uh.

Henry's Crime

James Caan, Vera Farmiga, Bill Duke...these, among others, brought a lot of recognized talent to this production. But they couldn't drag it out of the swamp of a bad story and a *really* bad male lead. There are certain venues where Keanu Reeves doesn't embarass himself. This isn't one of them. In this movie, they needed an actual actor.The only good thing is that it's at least free to view with Amazon Prime.

Henry's Crime
Justin Han Yee Lui
Solid cast. Solid plot. Enjoy my 70% Rotten Tomatoes point of view

Keanu is a grade above B Pitt. He always carries the same demeanor much like that of Samuel L. Jackson.Despite his acting ability, the movie is solid. Humorous. Unique. Definitely a great Amazon Prime movie. Interesting plot. Good acting. Something you'll enjoy.