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HOODSLAM - The Accidental Phenomenon

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HOODSLAM - THE ACCIDENTAL PHENOMENON is the story of one of the most controversial pro wrestling company's in the country. Watch as they grow from their meager beginnings out of a dilapidated warehouse in the ghetto of Oakland California to an award winning theatrical production that plays to sold out crowds.

  • DirectorDan Nelson
  • Runtime: 1 hr 39 min
  • StudioUnavailable
  • QualityHD
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Reviews about HOODSLAM - The Accidental Phenomenon

HOODSLAM - The Accidental Phenomenon
Five Stars

Amazing story from beginning to end. A must watch by any starving artist.

HOODSLAM - The Accidental Phenomenon
A.J. Kirsch
Fascinating documentary on an equally fascinating phenomenon . This IS real!

An absolutely fascinating look at one of the most diverse, organic, and eclectic forms of theater in the world, and an equally fascinating perspective through the stories of the passionate visionaries who brought it to life. The documentary always keeps you interested and does not linger on any particular point for too long, nor does it brush over a detail leaving you wanting to learn more about it. By the time it concludes, you feel like you really have a sense for not only where Hoodslam came from, but where it's going. Fantastic film-making, hilarious interviews and stories, an entire cast worth of unique characters (all of whom are ...

HOODSLAM - The Accidental Phenomenon
shotzi blackheart

i was privileged enough to attend the red carpet premiere event for this movie at the glorious victory theatre! we laughed, we cried, we got extremely stoned.

HOODSLAM - The Accidental Phenomenon
John Martin
Absolute magic

An incredible story about a group of people who not only achieved when they shouldn't have, but achieved when they didn't even know they were trying. You may as well buy it now to minimize the wait, as you're just going to want to buy it later anyways.

HOODSLAM - The Accidental Phenomenon
I'd like to shake the hand of the creator

This film brought back my vision. Then I watched raw again. What happened?The special hidden feature brought back my equestrian passions. The segment on Otis the gimp had similar effects.This was a fascinating look at something that shouldn't have been. I'd like to shake the hand of the creator. I like shaking hands.

HOODSLAM - The Accidental Phenomenon
Joshua Johnson
A step by step guide on how to get f**ked up in Oakland California

An amazing DVD that was very informative and funny.

HOODSLAM - The Accidental Phenomenon
K. Grissom
Best Wrestling Documentary of an independant company

I haven't even seen this yet but, am writing a review. Why? Because I've been to a Hoodslam show!!!!!!! The weed, the liquor, the beer, the wrestling, it's a life changing experience. You can't call yourself a Hoodslam fan without owning this. (Edited due to Amazon's request I take out obscenities)

HOODSLAM - The Accidental Phenomenon
B Smooth
Debauchery at its finest

Step inside he world of independent wrestling where there are no rules. One of the most incredible real documentarys made.

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Drunken American Storytelling: Western Culture Washes Up on the Boozy Shores of a Wrestling Ring in Oakland - SF Weekly

SF Weekly

Drunken American Storytelling: Western Culture Washes Up on the Boozy Shores of a Wrestling Ring in Oakland
SF Weekly
Held at the Metro Operahouse on the first Friday of the month, this "accidental phenomenon" draws close to a thousand people from around the Bay Area to every show. Laced with crude humor, inside jokes, and Oakland pride, Hoodslam is a wrestling party ...

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