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Is This Love?

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Is This Love A drama, comedy, romance, story about four girlfriends all with different personalities, living the single life, partying, enjoying themselves as they know it, suddenly the four realize they are getting older and all have a mind for change, to find a man that can complete their world. To their surprise two of them share one thing in common...the same MAN! They say you shouldn't play with people's feelings, with lies, deceit and betrayal being the name of the game, who will end up finding love Or will the four end up all alone...or dead

  • DirectorCharay Vaughn
  • Runtime: 1 hr 2 min
  • StudioUnavailable
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Is This Love?

Is This Love?
Is This Love

This is a great movie. I look foward to watching more of your films.

Is This Love?
LadySherry B
Is this Love

I really enjoyed this movie !! I could relate to the Character's and Found it to be a Great Message !! I have shared it with Friends and they loved it also !! Look forward to seeing more work from this very Talented and inspiring Screen writer Charay Vaughn !!

Is This Love?
Good from start to finish

I enjoyed this film. I haven't seen a good Indie movie like this in a while. I will definitely spread the word!

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