The Official Review of the 2014 Isle of Man has so much non-stop action crammed into four hours that it's been hard for the editors to know what to leave out! Michael Dunlop wins 4 races - the new King of the Road from the Dunlop dynasty. The first 132 mph lap from 'Bruce Almighty' Anstey. Popular wins for Gary Johnson and Dean Harrison - TT superstars in the making. Staggering performance from newcomer Peter Hickman including a 129 mph lap on a Superstock bike. Triumphant return for BMW, 75 years after the last factory-supported win. Spectacular sights and sounds of the stunning new Norton racer. Triumph's first win ...

Rated: PG-13

Creator: Duke Marketing

Starring: Michael Dunlop, Bruce Anstey

  • Genre:
  • Action
  • Adventure