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ITC: Paranormal or Pareidolia

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ITC: Paranormal or Pareidolia takes a look at Instrumental Transcommunication or ITC showing various methods used to attempt to contact the Spirit world as well as informing that people different ideas when it comes to the efficacy of such methods. Please join us for an informative sojourn into the Paranormal.

  • DirectorKwekwe Karu
  • Runtime: 31 min
  • StudioMad Mohawk Films
  • QualityHD
  • Starring Peter Greci

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Neurologist Examines The “Ghost Box” - Ghost Theory (blog)

Ghost Theory (blog)

Neurologist Examines The “Ghost Box”
Ghost Theory (blog)
People hear what they want to hear through pareidolia. ... The ghost box just speeds up the process by generating “raw audio” for the pareidolia. ... My book based on the real haunting of Doris Bither (The Entity 1982 movie) will be released soon ...

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