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Jack, Jules, Esther and Me

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Jack and Lou are unlikely best friends. Jack's from Park Avenue and has everything; Luis is from Jackson Heights and has nothing ... except a plan to win the heart of Jules, his model congress running-mate. During their last weekend before starting college, Jack and Lou embark on an all-out romantic adventure fraught with laughs and love. This raucous, and warm-hearted comedy shows how great romantic schemes are hatched and foiled, new friendships are created, and old bonds reignited.

  • DirectorDaniel Poliner
  • Runtime: 1 hr 47 min
  • StudioFilmBuff
  • QualityHD
  • Starring Alexander Flores Alice Lee

Reviews about Jack, Jules, Esther and Me

Jack, Jules, Esther and Me
Jess B
Cute film

Lots of unexpected twists and turns. Great shots of NYC. Raises lots of issues of economic and racial disparities, all within the confines of a fun, teen flick.

Jack, Jules, Esther and Me
Heartfelt portrayal of what it feels like to be coming of age in a life you had the fortune (or misfortune) to be born into

Excellent (at times uproarious and at times heart aching) dialogue between deep and compelling characters are this movie's foundation. Building upon that, it tenderly makes a statement about what it means to grow up in one of the world's most prosperous cities on both sides of the economic bell curve. Specifically that most kids, regardless of upbringing, have the same hopes, dreams, and capacity to mess things up--and that we as society owe it to ourselves to give them ALL a chance.Thoroughly enjoyed it---excited to see what this guy does next!

Jack, Jules, Esther and Me
Great fun.

Jack, Jules, Esther and Me is a wonderful coming of age story that really pulls you in. I highly recommend it.

Jack, Jules, Esther and Me
A Keeper!

Such a funny, tender, and totally believable "coming of age" story. I love these teenagers as if they were my own students, and I'm already wishing for a sequel to see how they do in this next phase of their lives. Economic and cultural diversity are a huge part of the film and are dealt with in such a sensitive manner. Kudos to Dan Poliner and to this fine group of young actors. Hope to hear more from all of you!

Jack, Jules, Esther and Me
Mark Meyering

Big winner, low budget gem from breakout director Dan Poliner. This is a new take on the tale of two cities. A story of rich and poor, privilege and hardscrabble while they're young enough to be friends; updated to early 21st century NYC. Runs high on energy, tension and angst of young cast. Fun way to remember or imagine the importance of a single weekend romance in the hopes, dreams and lives of an unlikely foursome of high school kids. Pay attention to the music; everything fits. Well played.

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