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Jappeloup (English Subtitled)

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At the beginning of the 1980s, abandoning a promising career as a lawyer, Pierre Durand devotes himself, body and soul, to his passion: show jumping. Supported by his father, he invests everything in a young horse called Jappeloup, even though no one else thinks Pierre has made a good choice. Too small, too temperamental, and too unpredictable, the horse has many flaws but also has remarkable poise and abilities. From competition to competition, horse and rider progress and impose themselves in the horse-riding world. But the Olympic Games in Los Angeles are a terrible failure and Pierre becomes aware of his weaknesses. With help from Nadia, his wife, and ...

  • DirectorChristian Duguay
  • Runtime: 2 hr 9 min
  • StudioUnder The Milky Way
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Jappeloup (English Subtitled)

Jappeloup (English Subtitled)
J. Bills
Nice film. Must see for horse people

As a horseperson I enjoyed this movie and got past the sub-titles. It has a high production value, very good acting and and nice story line. Much better than anything Hollywood produces today.

Jappeloup (English Subtitled)
Ileana Velasco Ayala
Excellent film.

It is an excellent film. Estimate like friendship, love, loyalty and honesty plows put in relevance within to history of a wonderful horse and his owner.

Jappeloup (English Subtitled)
Jaime Buhler
Five Stars

Great movie that really captures the story in a very real way.

Jappeloup (English Subtitled)
Vita Mac Arthur
Five Stars

Great true story for horse lovers with a happy ending.

Jappeloup (English Subtitled)
Amazon Customer
Absolutely wonderful movie. The acting is very good

Absolutely wonderful movie. The acting is very good, so it's easy to follow along with even if you're not the fastest subtitle reader. The riding is all very accurate and for the most part, so is the attire of the era. A lot of attention to detail went into this movie. It isn't just for horse lovers either. The story of the human condition is one we can all relate to.

Jappeloup (English Subtitled)
pink lady
Loved it!

As a show jumper myself, I loved every second of it. And even though I knew the final outcome I was still on the edge of my seat the entire time. Highly recommend for fellow horse people.

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