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Kill Me Now

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A group of small-town teens looking to drink a ton of beer in peace at a remote cabin in the woods find their party nearly ruined when they're stalked by the deranged Driller Killer in this horror/comedy featuring Cracked.com's Michael Swaim.

  • DirectorTravis Long
  • Runtime: 1 hr 24 min
  • StudioUnited Trade Partners, Inc.
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Kill Me Now

Kill Me Now
Angela P
Definitely watch it

Michael Swaim wrote a darling and entertaining movie. It was funny and unexpected. This is not a serious flick, or a horror flick however, fans of Cracked.com and Michael Swaim will feel right at home watching it.

Kill Me Now
This is my favorite. Agents of Cracked is one of the best ...

This is my favorite. Agents of Cracked is one of the best webseries on the internet, and actors like Michael Swaim and D.O.B are in this. It's hilarious and over the top, so beware if you actually want a horror movie, just prepare yourself, this is NOT that. It will however leave you cracking up if you ARE prepared. However, maybe next time I wouldn't watch it with my grandparents, it's a tad raunchy.

Kill Me Now
Jeff Butterworth
Fun teen slasher movie

Be prepared for a low budget movie that follows the typical themes of the campy teenage slasher genre. It is well done and fun though. The serial killer who is fed up with dumb kids is the most enjoyable character.I'm a big fan of Michael Swaim. I look forward to his next projects!

Kill Me Now
Daniel Gardiner
Kill me now again and again

A fantastic horror comedy everything I expected from writer Michael Swaim. The laughs are grade A and numerous and the horror will please seasoned and budding horror hounds 5 stars all day and night long :) :) :)

Kill Me Now
I liked it

I am a big Cracked.com fan and so I had to see this movie. It was enjoyable and I have already found myself quoting various parts of it. Definitely a fun and silly (but in a good way) movie.

Kill Me Now
A Horror Comedy Great

I saw this at the LA premiere and absolutely loved it. I feel like this is a movie that set out to be something very specific and nailed it - I think it's fantastic, but I get how people could disagree.