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Kung Fu for Teens (YMAA)

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Learn real kung fu and get a serious workout. Specially designed for teenagers (age 11 & up), this workout will develop your physical conditioning while you learn effective martial arts techniques. A clear explanation of the exercises you need to become a kung fu practitioner.

  • DirectorDavid Silver
  • Runtime: 1 hr 45 min
  • StudioYMAA Publication Center
  • QualityHD
  • Starring Ben Warner

Reviews about Kung Fu for Teens (YMAA)

Kung Fu for Teens (YMAA)
Five Stars

Needed to find fun and interesting workout,plus it uses basic longfist

Kung Fu for Teens (YMAA)
American Samurai-Soldier
Outstanding instructional DVD for all Kung Fu artists

Dr. Yang & Sifu Ben Warner have produced a martial arts work out video that is second to none. This work out routine covers all the important basics, and can be utilized not just by teenagers but by adults also. Sifu Ben Warner not only reviews numerous techniques, work out routines, and stances in detail but includes the moral martial arts principles also which I found just as important for teenagers learning how to get in shape studying martial arts. I exercise to this DVD on a regular basis when I cannot attend the actual classes, and I recommend this one to anyone else interested in ...

Kung Fu for Teens (YMAA)
This is the Teen Kung Fu DVD you're looking for...

I highly recommend this DVD -I bought it and found it to be an excellent gift for my teenage nephew. As far as I can tell it’s the best in its class for Kung Fu training and generally for generating good physical and mental health in kids. Ben Warner (who now runs the venerable YMAA Boston school) has put together a first-rate program that works for beginning through intermediate Kung Fu training. I found hIs hefty hour and forty five minute DVD was packed with information, techniques and philosophy. There’s a comprehensive workout with concise, simple instructions as well as a detailed section to refine techniques so your teen ...