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Mark of Love

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Mark is an average guy who has found himself unlucky in love. With his latest relationship ruined, and looking for a hobby to fill his love-free spare time, he signs up for a Karate Class only to arrive and find himself the victim of a cruel false advertisement, devised by desperate speed dating women trying to lure men into their group. When Mark attempts to leave, they bribe him to stay, hoping he can give them the answers to their relationship troubles. It's an offer he can't refuse, and he stays to indulge them with stories of his varying romantic failures and successes. However, as the stories progress and ...

  • DirectorBrett Simmons
  • Runtime: 1 hr 28 min
  • StudioCinema Libre
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Mark of Love

Mark of Love
Marilynn Bleck Cobbs
Five Stars

This movie so funny !!!
All the actors are so entertaining. Excellent cinematography!!!

Mark of Love
what a gem

this was one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life far as a low budget film the story is amazing the acting is really good and you can really connect with the characters especially the main guy who has a little bit of a shall we say commitment phobia haha I really recommend this movie for anyone

Mark of Love
Doug Erlandson
Heartwarming romantic comedy

Mark (Bryan Price) is a single guy in his twenties who can't seem to keep a relationship with a girl going for more than a few months. When he breaks up with his fifth girlfriend he decides to take up karate. (Previous breakups had led to brief forays into sword fighting and studying German.) Arriving at the fitness center, he heads to the room where the karate session is supposed to be held, only to find five girls in the room who tell him that the karate class has been changed to Sunday and that he has walked into a speed dating session. (He is the only one in the room other than the five girls.)

Although Mark wants to leave, they offer him $500 if he will stay so they can pick his brains about what guys want in a girl (seeing that no one seems to be interested in them). After a few awkward comments, the girls (each of whom has an extremely distinctive personality) ask him to describe his five relationships and why each one didn't pan out. This permits a series of flashbacks where we gain insight into each of his relationships, how they started and developed, and what eventually brought them to an end. By the end of the session Mark has gained new insight into who he is and what he really wants in a woman.

Over the next week Mark realizes how inappropriate four of his past relationships really were and at the same time how one of the girls was ideally suited for him. Going back to the next speed-dating meeting (which, as has happens every week, hasn't attracted anyone), Mark elicits the support of the speed-dating girls to win back the girl he really loves.

This is in every way a light-hearted, charming movie with a truly satisfying ending.

Mark of Love

Excellent movie for most all (13+ yrs). Funny and light-hearted. Leading actor (Bryan Price) is awesome. Looking for more of his movies.

Mark of Love
Hooray! A Clean Romantic Comedy !

I really enjoyed this movie! Heartwarming, quirky, and fun. I knew it would end up happy, but couldn't have guessed how it was going to happen. I'm so tired of romantic comedies where the main characters immediately fall into bed with each other. This was a refreshing change! The acting isn't going to win any Academy Awards, but was fine enough not to distract from the story line. For this type of movie, that's all I need!

Mark of Love
Mark of Love

I would have to say that I love this movie for several reasons. First, it is a very cute story with some adorable characters. Second, my niece starred in it and produced it, and last but not least, my son has two songs in it!!!

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