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Merely Players

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After college Adam creates a video blog while his best friend, Brian releases his debut release to critical acclaim and moves away. Fast forward years later, issues with artistic visions arise between them. In Brian's greatest time of need, Adam is conflicted between his loyalty and his growing desire to retaliate.

  • DirectorUnavailable
  • Runtime: 1 hr 20 min
  • StudioMaverick Entertainment Group
  • QualityHD
  • Starring Adam Leotta Kristin Milewski

Reviews about Merely Players

Merely Players
Red Velvet
Straight out of Berkeley

Just saw Straight of Compton, Merely Players had a similar gritty feel about the indy music scene and overnight success taking its toll on friendships.

Merely Players
Not what you'd expect--in a good way

Don't let the poster fool you into thinking its just some cheap thriller movie. This is actually a movie with heart, intelligence, and style. It obviously takes influence from lots of famous directors from film history but at the same time feels very fresh and new. It won't be to everyone's liking. Not a mainstream type movie. Feels like an art house movie with really relatable characters.

Merely Players
Zeke Jumain
Up and Coming Film Production Company

I went to Stanford and knew about Follmer and his company in Berkeley when they were fledgling. Proud to see a young start up film prodution company starting to crank out good-quality stuff.This film is much more slower and daring than Follmer's earlier film "Bullish." It's about the relationship between two friends as they navigate the imbalances of artistic pressure and commercial success. The scenes are long and have great cinematogrpahic quality. Might be a little slow for some but if you're a fan of Dardenne brothers or Paul Thomas Anderson, you'll appreciate it. I'd recommend buying it and helping this young company get some love.