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Murders of Brandywine Theater

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A small town loser and ventriloquist finally finds the courage he's lacked all his life when his dummy (voiced by Les Claypool of Primus), starts speaking up for him...with grave consequences.

  • DirectorLarry Longstreth
  • Runtime: 1 hr 10 min
  • StudioXenon Pictures
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Murders of Brandywine Theater

Murders of Brandywine Theater
Five Stars

Delivers all the fun of a horror movie with all of the action of The Muppet Show

Murders of Brandywine Theater
creepy puppet anyone?

interesting plot with a b movie charm. the puppet is amazing and creepy as heck. it is an unpolished movie but has great spirit. the pacing is a bit slow tho.

Murders of Brandywine Theater
Definitely liked it. Interesting take on the "murders" as the ...

Definitely liked it. Interesting take on the "murders" as the storyteller spins out his tale (in 3 Parts, like old b&w movies). I wonder what the producer has in mind for the future. Will be watching for his next film.

Murders of Brandywine Theater
California Grandma
Different...in a great way.

Creepy...but kind of charming too. So different ffrom the horribly violent nonsense that's so popular.