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My Hope America With Billy Graham

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After preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world for the better part of the last century, Billy Graham has one more message to share with My Hope America. In conjunction with Billy Graham's book, The Reason for My Hope, and the Christian CD, My Hope, Billy Graham seeks to empower America to turn back to Christ and eventually the world through a genuine relationship with Jesus.

  • DirectorBilly Graham Evangalistic Association
  • Runtime: 29 min
  • StudioVivendi Entertainment
  • QualityHD

Reviews about My Hope America With Billy Graham

My Hope America With Billy Graham
There will never be another Billy Graham

This set is incredible. My wife and I recently watched Billy: The Early Years Of Billy Graham and were pretty amazed to see the story of how Billy Graham became an evangelist. It's quite a story. My wife has always looked up to Billy Graham as a personal hero of hers and often says "There will never be another Billy Graham!" I think she's right.The reason this set is so great is the diversity and quality of the content. There is plenty of new content here, like The Cross, Lose To Gain and Chasing It All... programs which feature personalities like Lecrae, Lacy Sturm and Michael Jr. I especially enjoyed ...

My Hope America With Billy Graham
Five Stars

A favorite for anyone that appreciates and honors Billy Graham and America.

My Hope America With Billy Graham
S. Hick
In hope of eternal life, which God promised before the world began

Good message for Christians to share with those who are searching for answers. We purchased to use for youth, small groups.The DVD is broken into segments that work great in 30-40 minute meetings. Get this DVD or I think you can just view it at Billy Graham's website.Find out where real hope comes from! Know that your future is secure regardless of the events in the world around you. Share your Hope!

My Hope America With Billy Graham
Rebecca of Amazon
Comforting Message

I just watched this excellent message that brings hope to the world. Billy Graham really explains why people find the cross offensive and why Jesus had to die in the first place. This is a very emotional presentation which will make you think more deeply about life and eternity. I always tell people that they should plan their eternity as well as their last vacation. It really is so much more important to know what is going to happen to you when you die. Now I will recommend this DVD to everyone who seems open to watching it. So often I meet people who have been on the brink ...

My Hope America With Billy Graham
Honest and Truthful

Sad to see Billy Graham so fragile. His message is clear - and to the point. America has become a sinful nation and unless we repent, we will reap the consequences of our sin. Billy Graham has never sugar coated the truth. This video highlights some of his greatest revivals, but reminds us that we have a long way to go. He also gives the viewer the opportunity to get their heart right with God. Watch this video. Very moving. Very truthful. AND ... very needed, especially today.

My Hope America With Billy Graham
Five Stars

tis is one of Billy Grams best videos he is a true man of GOD