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Myth Asana

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Myth Asana is a thoughtful practice which guides the student through many beloved yoga poses while learning about many mythological gods and goddesses of Indian mythology. Affirmations are used throughout the practice to help the student draw deeper into their inner practice. While one moves through the grace and strength of the yoga poses, they will learn more about the symbols and characters of Hindu mythology, such as Ganesha, Lakshmi, and Shiva. Suitable for all levels except pure beginner. There is no physical cueing, only moving through yoga while listening to the magic of Indian mythology.

  • DirectorTeresa Austin
  • Runtime: 37 min
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  • QualityHD
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Reviews about Myth Asana

Myth Asana
M Gottschalk
Very informative and calming

As someone who both teaches and practices yoga, I really appreciated and enjoyed learning the myths behind our poses. Teresa has a soothing voice and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this DVD for those who enjoy yoga and yearn to know more.

Myth Asana
Shauna MacKay
Myth Asana delivers a practice that grounds the body, educates the mind and inspires heart.

Myth asana took me on a journey into my own heart. This strong yet accessible practice weaves the stories of the asana into a narrative that makes each posture a magical awakening for both the body and heart. Teresa's extensive experience as both a Mythology and Yoga Teacher shines through in her instruction and information. There is so much depth here, I will return to this practice again and again.

Myth Asana
Justine Shelton
Beautiful video for lovers of Myth as well as Yoga practitioners!

What a beautiful work of art! The stories of the Myths are told with beauty and humility. The movement of the asanas are physical poetry. The affirmations and reminders to honor your uniquely individual physical body are compassionately shared from a longtime practitioner of Yoga, to help guide us gently along in our paths to get to know ourselves. This is not just for practitioners of Yoga - this is a wonderful video for those interested in learning myths, educators, and is a great addition to a Yoga teacher training curriculum. Enjoy!

Myth Asana
abby m. geyer
She marries these two passions together exquisitely in this beautifully produced DVD

Teresa Austin is a very gifted Yoga Instructor with a passion for both yoga and mythology. She marries these two passions together exquisitely in this beautifully produced DVD, Myth Asana. Be charmed with this very different approach to your asana practice. Om Shanti