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Nomadic Veterans

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With minimal planning and $100 in each of their pockets, two former Army Rangers set off from Denver, CO with nothing but backpacks on an international race against time to get as far as they possibly can with the resources they left with and help from friends and strangers alike, with the goal of raising money for a grass-roots veteran non-profit organization.

  • DirectorMatthew R. Sanders
  • Runtime: 52 min
  • StudioBlackside Productions
  • QualityHD
  • Starring Leo Jenkins Marty Skovlund Jr

Reviews about Nomadic Veterans

Nomadic Veterans
Boring to watch but, AWESOME TO KNOW IT'S CAUSE.

The whole raisinig money for veterans awareness is awesome but, It was boring to see them going across the country doing it.#GoArmy#CombatVet

Nomadic Veterans
Never alone

Two Ranger veterans decide to see how far they can go on a hundred bucks and what's carried on their backs. The result is surprising! You are never alone, unless you choose to be alone.

Nomadic Veterans
Michele W.
Worthwhile Documentary....A joy to watch

A Free Spirited documentary about two veterans bringing awareness to what returning veterans face. The documentary is a good companion to the book "First Train out of Denver" by Leo Jenkins. Highly recommend

Nomadic Veterans
Five Stars

This was awesome and so encouraging as a veteran. Thanks for everything you guys have done for the community!

Nomadic Veterans
Amazon Customer
The filming is excellent, very interesting

Interesting journey. Really opened my eyes to how safe and kind the world can be, and what two men can accomplish when determined. The filming is excellent, very interesting!!

Nomadic Veterans
Life is a Journey. Get on with it!

One of the best documentaries I've seen! Great guys still doing great things for a great cause. Scars do not define you, it's what you do once the wound closes. We've all been through tough times & they'll be more to come. Prepare yourself, seek out and surround yourself with good people. They are out there and more than willing to help...find them. This documentary is another great example of Veterans once again "rucking up" and making something positive after leaving the service. Whether you have a plan or not, are tired, hungry, alone or broke...Carpe Diem...Seize the Day!

Nomadic Veterans
Amazon Customer Mike R
Great Documentary!

Follow Marty Skovlund Jr. and Leo Jenkins on an epic adventure as they raise money and awareness for Gallant Few, an organization dedicated to assisting veterans transitioning out of the military. It’s a fantastic story of accomplishment and the importance of community.