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Perfect Lineup

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PERFECT LINEUP is a true insider's journey into the Daily Fantasy Sports industry. Follow the rise of DFS, the excitement of competing for millions, the emerging new lifestyles, and the skills it takes to be a success. Hear from the industry icons of FanDuel, DraftKings, Fantasy Aces, Rotogrinders, and many of the top players. See what it feels like to experience the PERFECT LINEUP.

  • DirectorJason Baumgardner
  • Runtime: 1 hr 32 min
  • StudioDistribber
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Perfect Lineup

Perfect Lineup
Amazon Customer
If your new to dfs or an up and coming ...

If your new to dfs or an up and coming dfs player or even a seasond dfs player.. you want to see this movie!!

Perfect Lineup
Amazon Customer
Great movie. Well documented

I saw this at the Texas premier in Lubbock Texas. Great movie. Well documented, Gives the history of Fantasy sports but also what it takes to win in fantasy sports. Its not just luck, it takes skill and knowledge.

Perfect Lineup
I. Campbell
Really enjoyed this doc -- I knew practically nothing about the ...

Really enjoyed this doc -- I knew practically nothing about the world of Daily Fantasy Sports prior to watching; I'd just dabbled in "regular" fantasy sports before. Really exciting to see how this niche of the industry is growing and the opportunities it offers players. It definitely peaked my interest enough to start a DFS account, though I have a long way to go to even be in the same league as these guys

Perfect Lineup
Amazon Customer
Great Documentary to learn about Daily Fantasy Sports

Great Documentary, I thought they did a great job showing many sides of DFS. All the major sports were covered, they covered the start of DFS, talked about the sites in DFS today. Interviews with some of the best DFS players today.For someone who doesn't know much about DFS this would be very educational. I personally know quite a bit about DFS and still learned a few things and really enjoyed it.

Perfect Lineup
Stephanie Danielle Hanson
Great Movie!

This isn't what you are going to see on the news! Jason actually gets to know the people working in DFS and shows the human side of the companies and players! Great insight into the fantasy sports industry, the lives of the pros, and the skills used for successfully navigating DFS. Entertaining and educational. Excellent film!

Perfect Lineup
Five Stars

Needs more cowbell, but an incredible documentary. If your a DFS player then definitely worth a watch.

Perfect Lineup
Michael Hofeld
A tale of DFS at its peak. Fine film.

An excellent tale about Daily Fantasy Sports. It sidesteps all of the BS that has been in the headlines and goes to the core of the game.Takes place over the course of a few years so you get to see things change and develop. Many different points of view come together as a cohesive story.

Perfect Lineup
Amazon Customer
Great film about the history of daily fantasy sports

Great piece on the history of the industry from perspective of the owners of sites as well as some great players in the industry. Takes a look into the personal lives of individuals as they balance the dfs lifestyle and routine life

Perfect Lineup
caren Back
Play daily fantasy sports? You will enjoy this documentary movie!

Nicely done documentary on daily fantasy sports, shows why it excites so many players and that it really takes skill to be a big winner. Personal stories are always interesting to see!

Perfect Lineup
Great Documentary

Very interesting take on what it takes to make money in the DFS world.