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Pop Meets the Void

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Part live action, part surreal animation, POP MEETS THE VOID is a dark comedy about an unhinged musician preoccupied with daydreams of (imaginary) massive success as he struggles to release his first album after 15 years of recording songs alone. As he finally appears to have made a breakthrough after countless hours of work, his laptop dies and he struggles to find a way to fix it. His only option seems to be selling his soul to the devil. Winner of Best Feature Film at the Lower East Side Film Festival, POP MEETS THE VOID features popular NYC comedians Sarah Tollemache, Jordan Carlos, and Alexis Pereira, as well as ...

  • DirectorWilliam Cusick
  • Runtime: 1 hr 29 min
  • StudioFilmBuff
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Pop Meets the Void

Pop Meets the Void
marlee ford
Loved it from start to finish.

This film is a wonderful journey through the creative process of an artist "birthing" their first big project. It _is_ all about putting out the vibrations into the world. With impressive visuals, great comedic writing, and superb acting, the film will dazzle and amuse while taking the viewer on the protagonists' journeys. No sentimentality here - the story is both merciful and merciless in its critique of the modern relationship between creator and consumer of art. Strongly recommended.

Pop Meets the Void
Jennifer L. Klepacki
I LOVED this film

I LOVED this film!!!...Cerebral, poignant,smart and funny...it'll make you laugh and cry ...the visuals are like nothing one's ever seen ,but the plight of the artist is all too real...great characters and acting...each one invokes a strong emotional response...enjoy the ride!!!

Pop Meets the Void
Jenn Koshansky
You Must Watch!

This film is awesome! Unlike anything you've ever seen. This writer/director is going places. Funny, smart, great characters, great acting!

Pop Meets the Void
Sandra MV
Beautifully shot. Oddly hilarious. Not to be missed.

I am truly impressed by the great work done by William Cusick and his team in making the film "Pop Meets the Void" It is not often that I watch movies with such painterly quality, and an odd feeling to it. As an artist, I totally related to the story. This is such a nice break from commercial movies. You can feel how each scene was thoughtfully done. I highly recommend it.

Pop Meets the Void
L. Gabrielle Penabaz
it's the story of the artist as species and I love the way this film tells it

First of all, I completely relate to this film. Cusick has somehow stolen how I feel and presented it back to me in a fever dream. His work is always visually mesmerizing. No surprise there. See everything he makes. And I'm also a fan of actor, Nick Bixby, so that's yet another plus. But really, it's the story of the artist as species and I love the way this film tells it.

Pop Meets the Void
Olivia Hartle
Such a beautiful and powerful film

Such a beautiful and powerful film!! I absolutely loved it. I highly recommend Pop Meets the Void for artists and non-artists; anyone who is searching for something in life; and/or anyone who is just interested in seeing something new, unusual and really beautiful (and funny!).

Pop Meets the Void
Amazon Customer
Creativity in the void

This film does an amazing job in playing with visual imagery, and in moving between moments of unbridled optimism and moments of self-directed disappointment. The soundtrack is also excellent, and it enhances those feelings, making it clear just how fragile success is. All told, the film captures what it feels like to experience an ongoing struggle between your creative drives and the recognition that most people couldn't care less about your drives. Sometimes you're at the top of your game, but no one else cares. Sometimes you're hitting rock bottom, but the people around you think that you're a locus of creative energy. Sometimes you feel like a fraud, ...

Pop Meets the Void
This is a very funny film in a dead-pan ironic way that employs many ...

I think the most impressive thing about this film isn't the dazzling visuals or even the deep exploration of art in modern times (the artist and the audience, the artist and fame (vs. "authenticity"), etc), but rather that it has a ton of heart. This is a very funny film in a dead-pan ironic way that employs many tricks from improv comedy. Speaking personally, I can't stand that genre of comedy. Too schmaltzy. I want my irony with some bite and dirt to it. So, given my tastes, I'm always impressed when something that isn't "in line" with them makes ME bend to IT. This film made me think, ...

Pop Meets the Void
Catherine in MD
Unique, Funny Gem of an Indie

What a find! I love music films and this is a truly unique take on the artistic experience. Beautiful visuals and a funny, entertaining story.

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