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Return of Daimajin

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The tyrannical Lord Danjo Mikoshiba covets the rich, fertile lands surrounding Lake Yakumo. During a memorial ceremony for the late Chigusa lord, Mikoshiba launches an attack, overthrowing the honorable Lord Juro. To spare his people, the Lord Nagoshi orders his men to lay down their arms. But before he dies, Nagoshi tells his foe that he will soon face the wrath of their guardian god, Daimajin, who lives on an island at the center of Lake Yakumo. In retaliation, Mokishiba's forces descend on the island and destroy Daimajin's statue. A rebellion is lead against Mokishiba, but they are captured. Just when all seems lost, Daimjin rises from Lake Yakumo ...

  • DirectorKenji Misumi
  • Runtime: 1 hr 18 min
  • StudioMill Creek Entertainment
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Return of Daimajin

Return of Daimajin
Uncle John 5oh
Saturday afternoon, a bag chips, a can of soda and UHF channel 44!

This entry in the Daimajin trio of films is probably the best from an adult viewer's standpoint; the English dub is typically lame but, the plot is "complex" (remember we are talking giant monster movies here) enough to hold one's interest. The cinematography is excellent, and the acting, while over the top, doesn't make you laugh out loud. The action between humans is weak Kung Fu theatre, and Daimajin's action sequences are Gamera without the Tokyo skyline.Rent it, when you feel nostalgic.

Return of Daimajin
He's Huge & He's got a Sword!

This is absolutely one of my favorite Japanese Kaiju films hands down, although I suppose Daimajin is more of a divine weapon of retribution than a giant monster (technically "Kaijin - humanoid monster") but it's still great fantasy fun. The story itself takes place during the feudal era where a young lord and his future bride are attacked and their land taken over by a hostile and ambitious warlord. Not only is the conqueror a tyrant but behaves pretty sadistic towards the common people and also profanes the shrine of the local god, which all culminates in said deity animating his colossal statue and proceeding to kick ...

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