Julia is the breadwinner and axis to a family of dependents whose needs drown her own personal desires in an exhausting daily struggle to make ends meet: paying the bills, delivering telephone books, chauffeuring her family, struggling to raise her daughters. Sales are down, paychecks are late, grocery shopping is a dismal choice between tuna-in-oil and tuna-in-water; and smack in the middle of it all, a wave of excruciating migraine headaches. Inside her splitting mind, disturbing visions erupt: broken transmissions of rippling water, wooden rafters, and blasted white windows of a cavernous warehouse sized ROOM, a space at once menacing and mysterious. The visions intensify, as Julia experiences blackouts ...

Rated: PG-13

Creator: Allen Bain

Starring: Cyndi Williams

  • Genre:
  • Drama
  • Mystery