Set deep in working class Jewish Brooklyn - this vérité documentary follows two very funny, if rather traditional housewives. First, like so many young women in the 1950's, they got married. Then, like so many young women in the 1970s, they got divorced. Unlike most, however, they both left their husbands for another woman: each other. They had fallen madly and passionately in love. For Connie, it was liberating. For Ruth, it was wrenching. And for the community that loved them so much, it was the scandal of the century. In a landmark case in 1988, they sued the New York City Board of Education for domestic partner benefits. ...

Rated: PG-13

Creator: Deborah Dickson

Starring: Ruthie Berman, Connie Kurtz

  • Genre:
  • Documentary
  • Romance
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