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Searching For Sugar Man

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SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN tells the incredible true story of Rodriguez, the greatest 70s rock icon who never was. After being discovered in a Detroit bar, Rodriguezs sound struck 2 renowned producers and they signed a recording deal. But when the album bombed, the singer disappeared into obscurity. A bootleg recording found its way into apartheid South Africa and over the next two decades, he became a phenomenon. The film follows the story of two South African fans who set out to find out what really happened to their hero.

  • DirectorMalik Bendjelloul
  • Runtime: 1 hr 26 min
  • StudioSony Pictures Classics
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Searching For Sugar Man

Searching For Sugar Man
Jeanette Roberts
I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone

This is one of the most unique and thought provoking movies I have ever seen------mostly because it is about such a unique individual. While the movie has technical flaws, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Searching For Sugar Man
Great documentary

Very good movie. Interesting to learn about this man and his experiences.

Searching For Sugar Man
Amazing story, better because it's true

I've watched it 3 times now. Amazing story, better because it's true.

Searching For Sugar Man
Sugarman has been found!

A wonderful film about someone you've never heard of! You'll be a fan once you hear the music. It's crazy to see how this music slipped through the cracks depriving the American public of a true talent. Watch this film!

Searching For Sugar Man
Jessica Florendo
Five Stars

fantastic coverage on a wonderful singer/songwriter whose story is the epitome of the tough music industry.

Searching For Sugar Man
Five Stars

I love this movie, watched it 30 times, the music is so good.

Searching For Sugar Man
A humble and extraordinarily talented man

I had the pleasure of seeing Rodriguez in concert on DC last week, fascinating to see the documentary, what a humble and extraordinarily talented man.