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Shotgun Wedding

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After Robert (Mike Damus), a marrying-up groom, 'accidentally' shoots his fiancé's Maid of Honor in the face during a drunken skeet-shooting session, his meddling mother (Bonita Friedericy) does whatever it takes to ensure the wedding takes place. She will stop at nothing to see her baby boy get married, even if it means taking the Maid of Honor hostage, brutally attacking the wedding videographers, or rekindling the flame with her co-conspiring ex-husband. As the pressure to move the wedding plans forward increases, so does the body count, making it nearly impossible to keep the whole thing a secret.

  • DirectorDanny Roew
  • Runtime: 1 hr 31 min
  • StudioFox
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding
Roger R. Paradis
Five Stars

just not right in the head, but the level of absurdity makes this a knock down laughing movie.

Shotgun Wedding
Crazy, crazy movie

It's a dark comedy, but I was laughing throughout the show, and I really liked the final ending (after the credits).

Shotgun Wedding
Anthony Tate
Constant Laughs

It had me laughing from beginning to end. I would recommend this to all of my friends regardless of age. Anyone who needs a laugh, look no further...