Three National Security whistleblowers fight to reveal the darkest corners of America's war on terror, challenging a government that is increasingly determined to maintain secrecy.



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Christine S.
Excellent Documentary that every US citizen needs to watch!

Every citizen of the United would do well to watch this documentary; in fact I would like to emphasize how I really feel, and that is that every citizen SHOULD watch it! We citizens often are so busy just trying to make the best of our daily lives that we don't bother to see what might be going on with our government that is not in our best interest. This is an especially powerful documentary because the three main characters who are the subject of the documentary play themselves.

must see

Excellent documentary with first hand account from whistleblowers who have been persecuted by following the protocols for exposing malfeasance in the government. The human element which is usually missing in the news accounts of these men and women, is the framework this movie uses to show the real world impact on families and professionals, and the ethical dilemmas that these people grapple with in deciding to come forward with information that might ruin their comfortable American lives.

Wow just wow this is an eye opener for anyone ...

Wow just wow this is an eye opener for anyone putting complete trust in our government and how it treats people that do the right thing for the Country.

Eileen Dannemann
A 5 star must watch film, SILENCED by James Spione

Silenced, by James Spione is a riveting film documenting the silencing and persecution of 3 FBI, CIA and Dept. of Justice agents/employees by the US government. Other documentaries have focused on high profile American patriots/whistleblowers, like Ed Snowden, Julian Assange and Bradly Manning. This film unmasks the extent to which our government goes in silencing opposition within their ranks. It documents the consequences to the life and families of these 3 unknown men and women who sought to correct injustices by doing the "right thing" by first moving up the hierarchical channels within the agency. However, consequently, they were intimated, reproved of, lost their jobs, labeled as traitors, censured and persecuted. A must watch!

Amazon Customer
This Govt Is Out of Control

I'm not a bit surprised by any of this. I've seen this country become more and more corrupt over my lifetime. Sad, but true. It's tough to be a whistle blower.

Not surprised.

Very personal and interesting documentary. I'm not at all surprised that Pres Obama and the NSA didn't stop the Paris massacre. Yet, they can read my emails before I do. I think the government is encouraging a change in the worst possible way.

please watch, share and use every opportunity you have to express your constitutional rights less we lose them forever. love you

To quote Jesselyn Radack, "I'm fighting to have my september 10, 2001 country back" and watching and then sharing this movie with the ones you love is a great way to start then continue that process. This movie was both frightening and informative. I highly recommend to anyone that loves freedom in any and all forms.

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