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Son of Ghostman

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Denny McNamara has been recently dumped, he's unemployed, and his older brother Harold is threatening to sell the house Denny rents. By all accounts, he's a loser. Motivated by his childhood hero, a local celebrity Horror Host named Ghostman, Denny decides to throw on some makeup and become the Son of Ghostman. Thing is, Denny isn't exactly suited for the role, but his car-crash inducing videos go viral, and he must decide what and where his future lies. Complicating matters is the arrival of neighborhood sweetheart, Claire, and her nephew, Zack. Unbeknownst to Claire, Zack quickly becomes a key part of the Son of Ghostman production team, something she surely wouldn't ...

  • DirectorKurt Edward Larson
  • Runtime: 1 hr 36 min
  • StudioBoom/Bam Productions
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Son of Ghostman

Son of Ghostman
amazon customer
A loving tribute to TV horror movie hosts of the past

This movie is an example of Indy film making at its best. A clever, entertaining story with a quirky style all its own. Great production value and acting, especially the leads Devin Ordoyne and Angela Gulner. A coming of age story that is a loving nod to the TV horror movie hosts of the past. Told in a modern style, very relevant for today's day and age - the focus is clearly on or leads Denny and Claire, and their budding romance. Creative, fun, and smart. I definitely recommend SON OF GHOSTMAN.

Son of Ghostman
R. Morton
Great acting and storytelling

Very well made indie film. Great acting and storytelling. Highly recommended!

Son of Ghostman
Amazon Customer
Son of Ghostman, He is here to save you.

This movie is a fun and hilarious comedy with interesting and memorable characters. Son of Ghostman is a unique romantic comedy which has you rooting for the bumbling leads and his friends. The film takes the beautiful camp we all love and remember from our watching our favorite horror movies through the classic horror hosts or with MST3K and uses them as a backdrop for a truly memorable movie. Recommended for all.

Son of Ghostman
A fun, totally original movie with nods to familiar comedies ...

A fun, totally original movie with nods to familiar comedies of the 80's. A nice tribute to television horror hosts like Svengoolie here in Chicago. Plus great performances from leads Ordoyne & Gulner.

Son of Ghostman
A fun ride with quirky lovable characters

Being a lover of 80's rom-coms this film felt like a wonderful cross between a Cameron Crowe romance and a Kevin Smith comedy. Topnotch writing and directing with laugh out loud dialogue.I loved the quirky characters. The acting is excellent with great chemistry between the leads, Denny (Devin Ordoyne) and Claire (Angela Gulner). The love story is natural and their conversations intimate and real. Even though this is a low budget film, there’s no skimping on the amount of talent in the entire cast. Denny is a lovable underdog and through his eyes you find yourself rooting for him and his "production team".The film is a nostalgic tribute to ...

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