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Song's Hapkido White Belt Techniques

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Song's Hapkido White Belt Techniques is the first DVD in Grandmaster Ho Jin Song's, Black Belt Training Series. This video presents the skills that are the foundation of the Korean martial art of Hapkido. A video textbook of Hapkido self defense and fighting techniques including: vital point strikes, joint locks, takedowns, punching, kicking, blocking, falling and rolling. Everything you'll need to take the first step on the road to your Black Belt. Easy to follow, step by step instruction using: close ups, stop action, multiple angles, and detailed narration. Grandmaster Ho Jin Song's career in martial arts spans 60 years. During that time he has trained championship fighters in both Korea and ...

  • DirectorJohn Moody
  • Runtime: 36 min
  • StudioUnavailable
  • QualityHD
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Reviews about Song's Hapkido White Belt Techniques

Song's Hapkido White Belt Techniques
Solidified my Knowledge.

What an awesome DVD collection. This really helped me solidify all of the movements that were giving me trouble. Every step is shown slowed down and from multiple angles.

Song's Hapkido White Belt Techniques

Exceptional video quality, camera angles, and instruction. The techniques are broken down, explained, and shown in great detail.

Song's Hapkido White Belt Techniques
Jorge Uribe
Best Martial Arts instructional DVD

All lessons shown on DVD are actually thaught in the dojo in sync with appropriate belt level. Best instructional DVD I have ever seen for any Martial Art . I'm amazed at the amount of detail available in the white belt DVD; I look forward to buying the whole collection from white to Black Belt.I only wish I could download it to my PC instead having to watch it only online on Amazon. Please make it downloadable!

Song's Hapkido White Belt Techniques
Richard D Ouimette
Top of the line instruction!

I have quite of few dvds on Hapkido, these dvds are the best I seen in along time .great instruction! the only thing I will say about dvd #1 is could have shown the basic stances and breathing techniques. other than that totally awesome dvd and great techniques.