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Summer Forever

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On the last Friday of summer after high school, three life-long best friends make a pact to have their final days together the most epic of their lives. Come Monday morning, everything changes as the previously inseparable girls part ways and begin their adult lives. Sweet, sarcastic, music-loving Sydney plans to leave for college in Boston; brainy, proper and slightly uptight Chloe will head to New York to attend Columbia; and gorgeous, free-spirited Liv will reluctantly stay behind to help in her mom's coffee shop and attend community college. With only 48 hours on the clock, the trio makes a "YOLO" list of things to do before Monday morning, ...

  • DirectorRoman White
  • Runtime: 1 hr 34 min
  • StudioRelativity Media
  • QualityHD
  • Starring Megan Nicole Alyson Stoner

Reviews about Summer Forever

Summer Forever
Amazon Customer
Five Stars

It was a great movie. Plus #SugarBabies was also a great movie.

Summer Forever
Amazon Customer
Cute Musical

Cute movie. I loved the music. Megan Nicole has a beautiful voice and Alyson Stoner, wow what a dancer. Anna Grace Barlow added personality to the threesom. I learned of this movie because Crystal Culp, the Assistant Fashion Designer recommended it to me. Thanks Crystal and good job on the costumes.

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