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Best buds Logan and Blake jet to exotic Puerto Vallarta over spring break hoping to hook up with their crushes. But after Logan meets a local beauty named Gaby, he awakens to find heâ€ôs minus a valuable watch. Suddenly, the bros are plunged into a wild underworld of gangstas, strip clubs, and high-speed chases in this hilarious, action-packed adventure featuring the smallest bikinis, tightest bodies, top DJs, and hottest beats on the planet.

  • DirectorFernando Lebrija
  • Runtime: 1 hr 43 min
  • StudioLionsgate
  • QualityHD

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Lone Star Varsity Q&A: Sundown's Jenna Legan
What is your favorite movie? “That's a hard one. I would probably have to say 'Facing the Giants'. It's a football movie, but it has a great storyline, and I love all the actors in it and they do an awesome job. I could watch it all day and every ...

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'Sundown': Film Review
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With rapidly fading hopes of grabbing the attention of teens gearing up for summer vacation, Mexican-produced R-rated comedy Sundown from Lionsgate-Televisa's Pantelion Films inexplicably turns up weeks after the peak of Spring Break season.

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