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The Athlete

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When a car accident left Ethiopian Olympic Marathon champion Abebe Bikila paralyzed, Bikila faced the greatest challenge of his life. The Athlete is the tale of extraordinary determination and a singular man, Abebe Bikila.

  • DirectorDavey Frankel,Rasselas Lakew
  • Runtime: 1 hr 32 min
  • StudioGoDigital
  • QualityHD

Reviews about The Athlete

The Athlete
When would you say 'Uncle'

The story is well worth being knowledgeable about. Rent it, comprehend his challenges, and enjoy an Indie-style filming!

The Athlete
Five Stars

I've run 45 marathons and this inspires me to continue running them until the end.

The Athlete
Dallas J. Johnson
but it's a great story and well done about a humble and gentle ...

It's a bit slow and you don't always know what direction the film is going in, but it's a great story and well done about a humble and gentle giant. A nice break from the over dramatized stories we so often see.

The Athlete
The Best Movie !!!

I can only say for myself.. This movie is one of the most inspiring and uplifting i ever seen. Abebe Bikila deserves all the recognition and respect because he earned it fair and square. This movie gave me an inspiration to be a great person and be like Abebe Bikila one day.

The Athlete
Should Be Doing Laundry
Lovers of running, lovers of Ethiopia don't wait

Stunning cinematography, beautifully done. I bawled my face off watching this wonderful telling of a story of the man who struck out and put Ethiopia's name on the map and led East Africans to dominance in long distance running. His story is beautiful, the real footage of his races interspersed with the new film was seamless and well done and added so much.Abebe is a hero, and anyone who loves running must see it. Anyone with ties to Ethiopia MUST see it. Well acted and directed, I can't say enough about it.

The Athlete
assal pirouzgar

Heart warming story of one of the greatest, bravest Athlete's of all times. Rest in peace Abebe. Proud and graceful portrayal of the Ethiopian legend